Locker Maintenance – Our Top 5 Suggestions!

Lockers maintenance is essential. Whether your lockers are out on display or hidden in the staff room, their condition plays a part in how some may perceive your establishment. Lockers are built to stand the test of time, but this goes hand in hand with maintaining them. High-traffic areas like schools will see the impact of locker aesthetics deteriorate much quicker than most, and it can get ugly. This is why locker maintenance is so important to businesses. If you’re looking to make an impression with sleek, clean designs to customers and pupils alike, this is essential. Check out our top 5 five suggestions. We delve into advising on cleanliness, changing locks and checking hardware.

school locker in changing room
tuff locker in school changing room

How often should I check my Lockers?

The frequency with which you should check your lockers depends on their
environment. For example, low-traffic areas like offices mean the lockers won’t
get heavy use. So, we suggest locker maintenance every 6-12 months. However,
for any lockers in areas such as schools and gyms with incredibly high traffic
and heavy use, we recommend reviewing them every 3-4 months. Here are our top 5
suggestions to ensure you get the life you can from your locker.

1. General Cleaning

  • Dust down externally before wiping your lockers down
  • Wipe down doors and frames using a disinfectant wipe or sponge / cleaning solution
  • Remove dust and debris from inside the locker unit and wipe down this area
  • Check on top of the lockers, dust can gather easily here as well as litter
  • Using a leather, remove any excess water – this will help prevent rusting

2. Locker hinges

  • Ensure the lockers open and close effortlessly
  • Apply oil substance to squeaking hinges (WD40)
  • Remove residue of any oil substances used
  • Check hinges are secured to the locker doors and body
  • Tighten screws where applicable

3. Check Locks

  • Check the functionality of the locks
  • Check internally that all sliding parts and pivots work correctly
  • Clean lock from the inside and dry to help prevent rusting
  • For digital combi locks, ensure batteries haven’t run out
  • Check each locker locks when in use
  • Check for structural defects preventing the locker from locking

4. Structural Review

  • Check all screws are tightly fastened
  • This applies to internal shelving, nesting and lockers attached to walls
  • Tighten any screws around the lock
  • Straighten out any steel work (using pliers) that may have bent, preventing doors from open or closing

5. Overall Aesthetic

  • Source the colour code of your lockers from where you purchased them
  • Using this colour code, order some touch up pens to disguise marks and scratches
  • Check for rust and remove with emery cloth

Why should I maintain my lockers?

Lockers maintenance is key for getting the most out of your lockers. If you’re looking to keep your lockers in the best condition you can whilst they’re a part of your esablishment, these steps are crucial. Alternatively, you could find that they need replacing sooner than they should. Some things are out of your hands, like accidents or damaged beyond repair. However, an effort should be made to keep them in the best condition they can. This is important for you and your staff / pupils.

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