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Lockers vs Coat Hooks – What You Need To Know!

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Coat Hooks or Lockers? Do you remember what you had at school?

At Direct2U, we are often asked whether we would recommend Lockers or Pegs for School Pupils’ storage. We will look into why both Lockers and Pegs can be a practical storage solution. We will also consider situations where they may not be the most practical option.

Are Coat Hooks a cost-cutting solution for children? Should their belongings be more secure and better organised? Can Lockers provide a better solution than Coat Hooks? We will investigate making a comparison between the two storage options. This way, Schools and Nurseries alike can make an informed decision on which is best suited for them.

Why Go For Pegs over Lockers?

First, you can expect to save on cost and space with coat hooks. A single panel of wood with several hooks can cater for many students, most of which will be colour coded. Installation is quick and easy and results are immediate. You can use our Armour Junior Wall Mounted Coat Rails as a great example of what to expect from this method of storage.

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1800mm wide Coat Rail
coat hooks, coat rails, lockers. locker storage, metal lockers, lockers for sale
1200mm Coat Rail

However, it’s important to look at how these may become problematic over time. When you are deciding to buy coat hooks, are you buying with the worst-case scenario in mind? Do you cater for the winter months when pupils may want to use more than a single hook for extra wear brought in? There have been instances where pupils’ coats and bags have fallen, causing hazards to teachers and pupils alike.

So, at a glance, why go for Pegs over Lockers:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Practical and efficient
  • Convenient and Versatile
  • Reliable

And why Lockers could be the better choice:

  • Coats and bags could get mixed up
  • Belongings can fall on to the floor – creating hazards
  • Not secure from

Why Go For Lockers over Pegs?

Lockers provide a clean, compact solution for storing many items across many compartments. This is ideal for when many pupils need storage space. This s not only more pleasing to the eye but far more secure than leaving belongings out on show. Possessions can often be misplaced via coat hooks and most instances will be by mistake.

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TUFF 955mm School Lockers
lockers, school lockers, lockers for sale, metal lockers for sale, storage lockers for sale,
TUFF 1800mm Lockers

At Direct 2U, we provide School storage with various heights. This is so that we can accomodate for pupils of all ages throughout their education. Browse our TUFF range of School Lockers – This is a great place to start.

Giving each pupil a Locker means as soon as they walk into their classroom, there is a compartment specifically for them. Here, they can store their coat, bag, books, and lunch. In turn, this helps maintain a more organised and tidier classroom. There will be no risk of coats of bags falling from hooks, thus, less risk of potential hazards.

So, at a glance, why go for Lockers over Pegs:

  • Individual compartments for pupils
  • Tidy and Practical
  • Secure Storage
  • Long-lasting

So, why go for Pegs over Lockers?

  • Spend less on Pegs
  • Lockers will take up more space
  • Less convenient – chance of keys being lost

Explore our TUFF Range of School Lockers below:

955mm High Lockers
1235mm High Lockers

Other sizes are available too, suitable for secondary school and beyond in our TUFF Education Lockers – H1380mm & TUFF Lockers

Metal Lockers and Coat Hooks at Direct2U

For any more information regarding the availability and options of other storage solutions, please contact us via online chat, email or telephone.