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Metal Lockers Installation Top Tips!

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Purchasing new equipment for your workplace is exciting. Giving your business, your school, or your offices the makeover it’s been shouting for is what it’s all about. Before you start browsing the web or catalogues to hand, it’s time to draw up your plans. This will save you a lot of time when deciding which lockers, you want. Metal lockers come in various sizes, styles, and combinations so it’s important you know what can fit before delving in!

Let’s look at what you’ll need to measure up beforehand!

Your Measurement Checklist

Grab your pen, paper and measuring tape and let’s get started.

  1. Measure the overall size of the room
  2. Note the ceiling height (and any slopes in the ceiling) and wall partitions
  3. Take note of radiators, skirting boards, pipes, light switches, all sockets, and other electrical fittings.
  4. Window and Door positions (along with their frames)
lockers, lockers measure, lockers installation,.lockers install, lockers guide

Now you have the foundations down, you should be able to assess the ideal location (s) for your Lockers. Great stuff. Let’s look at some other essentials before you explore your options:

  1. Allow for 4mm extra each side of the locker (this allows for doors to open fully and for a bit of breathing space)
  2. Ensure there is at the very least 1000mm between the front of the locker and the adjacent wall (or opposite locker if you’re having them on both sides) – this ensures wheelchair access along with ample space for someone to be stood in front of the locker whilst it’s open.

Metal Lockers Installation Essentials

Fortunately, lockers with Direct2U are incredibly easy to install. As a result, will save you a day of piecing together your lockers. Our fully built lockers can be nested on top of one another and side by side. This ensures you can create a unique look, but more importantly, one that is practical and ideal for what you need them for.

Fixings, bolts, and nesting nuts will always be provided by us. However, let’s tick off some of the essentials you will need to get these lockers up and running!

  1. Spirit level, spanner, drill, and handling equipment
  2. Ensure 2 people are present (if nesting is required) – this is due to the weight of lockers (laminate)
  3. PPE equipment for safety reasons
lockers, lockers measure, lockers installation,.lockers install, lockers guide
Drill your lockers together for quick, efficient nesting.

How Do Your New Lockers Look?

lockers, lockers measure, lockers installation,.lockers install, lockers guide
Example of changing room lockers and benches we provided to a Primary School.

Ensure the lockers are fixed to one another (or walls if 1800mm high). This is a great way to ensure the safety of your employees or students. This will prevent units from toppling over or falling over, potentially causing serious injury.

Hopefully now you have an idea of what you want and where you want it! We have arranged a selection of lockers below for you to start with. Please feel free to get in touch with us via our telephone or web chat here for more information!

Browse our range of Lockers right here!

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