Education Lockers – 5 Reasons Why You Should Update Yours

Education Lockers in the UK

Education Lockers for schools see more traffic than any other lockers out there. Millions of pupils up and down the country use lockers daily. The maintenance of school lockers is higher than that of an office locker. We crunch the numbers and look at the potential impact your old, shoddy lockers might have!

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1. Make an Impression To New Students

With just an overview of how many schools and pupils there are in the UK alone, we can see the importance of lockers for schools. They cater for millions of pupils’ needs. Schools naturally instil confidence in the parents of pupils when good, quality lockers make a statement during inductions over the summer holidays. They contribute to the overall ”feel” and ”look” of a school and can either deter or encourage parents to enlist their children there. First Impressions are key when parents decide which school their children will attend.

2. Keep It Fresh for Existing Students

Pupils spend an average of 5 years at each of their primary and secondary schools. It’s important during this time that their environment changes somewhat. We don’t feel drastic changes are necessary. However, a new set of lockers is just one example of what could give school pupils a lift when returning for the new term. According to ‘Education Advanced’, school maintenance is 1 of the 14 top tips to help improve schools and overall student performance.

3. Are Your Lockers Fit for Purpose?

So, your lockers store personal goods, but do they secure them safely? Are they easy to use? Have they rusted? Does the colour still match your school colour scheme? If not, it’s time to update your range of lockers. Or, at the very least your locking mechanisms. It’s important that doors aren’t hanging off hinges, and holes aren’t visible where old locks used to be. Each locker has to function correctly. This links to first impressions too. Ensuring your lockers are as good as new shows that there is good attention to small details in the establishment.

4. Locker Scent – Is This a Cause For Concern?

Let’s imagine your lockers haven’t been changed for a decade. If maintenance on your lockers isn’t a priority, you can imagine it my not be very pleasant for new students to use lockers dating back a generation of other students. This could also be made obvious by scents that are left in corridors or changing rooms, wherever your lockers are situated. Have you thoroughly cleaned your existing lockers? Has this solved the problem of bad odours in your school corridors and classrooms? If not, it could be time for us to pay you a site visit! Look into our School Lockers here.

5. Students come first

There should be a considerable amount of care, planning and consideration that goes into your choice of school lockers. However, students may not give them much thought at all. This will be the case if your lockers are functional. They form a part of a students’ daily routine and accessing their lockers should be seamless. Students have a lot to take in during their school years and securely storing their belongings should be the last thing they worry about. Again, this will be the case if it’s done well. Get in touch with Direct2U today and get the perfect storage solution mapped out by one of our design specialists free of charge.

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