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Guide To: Construction Lockers

When you’re given the task to buy lockers for your construction site or facilities how do you know you’re buying the best lockers for the job.

Contractors are required to provide welfare facilities and maintain these for the duration of the project.

The type of facilities required and the scale of facilities will naturally depend on the size of the project. Here are some key facilities that might be required:


Washing facilities

Drinking water

Facilities for rest

Changing rooms and lockers

In this blog we’re going to concentrate on lockers for construction sites, finding out which ones are best to use.

Cloakroom Benches

Construction Site Lockers for Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are needed wherever workers have to wear specialist clothing for work and cannot be expected to change elsewhere. They are also essential for employees who are required to keep their work clothes in safe place, at work and not allowed to take them home/ off site.

Changing rooms must provide seating, a means of drying and storing clothing and a place to secure personal effects.

For many construction sites, ventilation is key. If clothes are likely to become damp, smelly or dusty it is a good idea to keep them in secure, but also ventilated lockers to allow them to be fresh and ready for the next working day. For this we’d recommend Wire Mesh Lockers:

Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire mesh lockers provide good visibility whilst ensuring the security of personal items

Wire mesh allows warm air to circulate through the lockers drying and damp or wet items and keeping them fresh

They are also popular for storing work tool as the wire mesh allows people to quickly identify the contents of each locker without having to open each one

Need these lockers quickly? We have a range of wire mesh lockers which are available on 5 day delivery

If it’s not necessarily clothing storage you need on your construction site we have plenty of other options. On many sites workers are not allowed to keep their phones and personal belongings on them for various reasons including health and safety. Some people may choose to bring bags to work to store their stuff in – for which a standard steel locker would be ideal. Depending on the size of storage required and the amount of space vs. staff there are, this could be anything from a one door locker to a 6 door locker. Such lockers are often kept in construction site cabins where they are secure from outside elements and hidden from people passing by. For this we’d recommend several of our steel lockers…

Construction Site Lockers for Site Cabins

Standard Steel Lockers

1.Standard Steel Lockers – Traditional locker design provides a safe place for members of staff to store a range of items including bags, shoes, hats etc. Express delivery lockers are available if ordered before 12pm – can be delivered to site the next working day. These high quality lockers are low cost but don’t compromise on security.

2.Personal Effect Lockers – Ideal for workers to store their phones, wallets and keys in a secure location. Cost and space saving locker can store up to 40 different personnel items at any one time. If storage is only required for small items then the H165 x W225 x D360mm compartment size is perfect.

Personal Effects Lockers

3.In Charge Tool Lockers – Ideal for any construction site or building site that regularly use cordless tools. The charging lockers are designed to keep expensive tools safe and charging at the same time so they are ready for use – no need to start a job to then realise your tools are not ready for use. Each compartment comes with one 3 pin UK socket (two sockets are available P.O.A).

Battery and Tool Charging Lockers
  • All the doors are independently earthed to the locker carcass
  • One side of the locker and the door fronts are perforated – this will help prevent heat building up during charging
  • Each shelf has an additional front to rear reinforcing box section for added strength – can store heavy tools
  • Power lead is supplied with fitted RCD plug – lead plugs into the locker enabling easy replacement of the lead if every damaged
  • Supply voltage 230Volts
  • Maximum current consumption in normal use is 13amp

Another common place to store lockers on construction sites is of course, out doors. When exposing them to the elements, you’ll need a strong and enduring plastic locker. Plastic is ideal for outdoor storage as it wont rust and can take a bit of a beating.

Plastic Lockers

Construction Site Lockers for Outdoor Areas

  • Our Probe Ultrabox Plus lockers are designed to be used outdoor
  • Come rain or shine these lockers are built to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions
  • Waterproof door seal, lock gasket and drain hole plug
  • Super strong polyethylene material construction
  • Anti-bacterial technology coating
  • This range also come with a 10 year warranty which is rare

Thanks for reading our brief guide on Lockers for Construction sites. If you have any questions please live chat or call us on 01922 71510.

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