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School Lockers Projects at Direct2U!

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Where to start with your Lockers Project…

It can be a fairly daunting task when looking into buying equipment for Primary and Secondary Schools. The largest factors that come into play is the quality of the product, cost and reputation of the business that will provide. We will delve into how we manage our School Lockers Projects from start to finish.

We provide workplace equipment and install across the country. Many of our large projects stem from Primary and Secondary School Locker enquiries. To cater for hundreds and thousands of pupils takes careful planning and consideration.

At Direct2U, we have years of experience in assisting schools with thier school lockers projects. Therefore, we have a process in place for any new customers looking to reach out for new ideas and solutions. Below, we will go into some detail about our latest clients’ wants and needs along with our solutions for them.

Norland Primary School

Our clients at Norland Primary School made contact with us via our contact us page online. We arranged a free site survey so that we could look into the possibilities of what could be done, essentially allowing us to understand their needs.

For Primary Schools in particular, we recommend low-height lockers; so that pupils can reach the contents of their lockers with ease. Also, swivel latch locks are easier for pupils to use with a simple turn and lock action with no concerns of ever losing keys.

We have a good selection of low-height lockers. However, it was our TUFF Education Lockers that Norland Primary School decided on. Delivered fully assembled with nesting holes already pre-drilled, our installations team could carry out and install with ease.

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TUFF Education Lockers – 1235mm High
  • High quality design with lower height for easy access
  • Fitted with standard mastered cam lock with 2,000 differs as standard (lock upgrades available)
  • 1 Door lockers come with a top shelf
  • Height: 1235mm
  • Choice of depths: 300 / 380 / 450mm
  • Material: 0.7mm mild steel
  • UK Manufactured
  • Order Here

Old Mill Primary School

Our clients at Old Mill Primary School return this year for more lockers. Last year, we installed lockers for thier Year 3 and Year 4 pupils. This time around, they needed a combination of different heights for their Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. The colour theme for the School and the pupils uniform is red. This was the driving force behind choosing a powder-coated red finish – to remain consistent with the schools colour scheme.

Our Lockers come in various heights. This means we can accommodate for multiple room designs, just like the one above. Our 1800mm high TUFF Lockers have been used on adjacent walls. However, the centre wall would need low-height lockers to allow them to fit underneath the windows. The room remains well lit and ventilated whilst having additional storage for more students.

We have highlighted below the 2 ranges of Lockers selected for this project along with some key features and benefits.

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TUFF Lockers
lockers, tuff lockers, small lockers, low height lockers, lockers for sale, school lockers
Armour Standard Lockers
  • 1800mm High
  • Up to 6 compartments per locker
  • Cam locks fitted as standard (lock upgrades available)
  • Fire Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1
  • UK Manufactured
  • 1800mm High
  • Up to 6 compartments per locker
  • Choice of 3 widths
  • Strengthened and ventilated doors with rubber buffers
  • UK Manufactured

Are you looking to replace your existing lockers? Or arrange to have lockers installed for the first time? At Direct2U, we offer free site surveys and quotations. Alternatively, you can browse our range of lockers online here, as well as all optional accessories such as locking upgrades, sloping tops and stands. All neccessary measurments are to hand so that you are able to gauge roughly what you need.

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school lockers, lockers, low height lockers, locker stands, small lockers,