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Guide to: Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone Lockers

Recently there has been a huge popularity growth in the use of devices in public facilities and therefore a need for places to store and charge them has emerged. We have the answer to all your device storage needs with our brief guide to charging lockers.


Personal Effects Lockers

Mobile Phone Storage Lockers

Pretty much all of us are glued to our phones these days and it can be difficult to leave them alone. If you’re a school, office, warehouse or any other environment where phones are prohibited then this unit is essential for you. Give students, staff and visitors a safe place to store their personal items.

Whether your lockers will be multi-user or one regular user we have the locker for you. With a range of lock options to choose from, storing devices securely and efficiently has never been so easy.

Recommended Product: Personal Effects Lockers

Our personal effects locker comes in 4 different compartment and sizing options. There are 20, 28 or 40 compartments with an entry aperture of H 150 x W 163 x D 360mm each. This size makes them ideal for all small devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and other personal effects including keys, wallets and more. The units feature a behind-frame locking system and through frame shelf for ultimate security. Designed with multiple users in mind the locker is coated with anti-bacterial technology to stop the spread of bacteria.

Battery Charging Lockers

Mobile Phone Charging Lockers

So far it seems that 2015 is the year of the smart phone locker. They’ve been cropping up here, there and everywhere including shopping centres, theme parks, gyms and more. Not only do these lockers provide a safe place to store phones, they also provide users with the opportunity to charge their devices.

Charging lockers might not cost you as much as you think. They can be a quick and easy way to earn money back on your investment by charging for usage. With a coin return lock option users have to put money in to use the locker or similarly with a token lock users can purchase tokens for an amount chosen by the establishment.

Recommended Product: Charging Personal Effects Lockers 8 Compartments

This charging locker has eight compartments which can each have either one or two standard UK sockets inside. Charging up to a maximum of 16 devices at any one time, the lockers can also be used for storage alone meaning it can house many more devices. The doors feature a perforated section to regulate temperature during use and all doors are earthed to the locker to ensure safe use. Each unit is coated in Biocote – an antimicrobial (anti-bacterial) technology offering protection from the spread of germs for the life of the locker.

Laptop Charging Lockers

Laptop Charging Lockers

Schools, colleges and universities all over the world are choosing to go digital and use laptops and tablets in the classroom. Many further education facilities are also providing students with laptops in their libraries meaning students don’t have to be fixed to one spot unlike the traditional methods. The decision to provide communal devices for students has proved popular bringing more out of their rooms and into the library to study, allowing students the flexibility to squeeze in study session in between classes and not have to carry their own devices around with them all day.

Due to the multi-purpose nature of the scheme there needs to be a safe and secure place to not only store the devices but to also charge them in between users. It can be tricky trying to manage to loaning of the laptops in order to keep track of damages and losses etc but we have the solution: Laptop Charging Lockers. Our range of lockers can be supplied with a range of locking mechanisms ranging from keys to padlocks to digital locks. Ideal for communal use areas, the lockers provide a safe place for students to easily return and charge the lockers without any intervention from staff. A popular management of laptops is to assign a number to each locker compartment and corresponding laptop and have students allocate their name to a number. Students will then sign the laptops in and out making it easy for staff to see the users and usage.

Recommended Product: Laptop Charging Lockers 10 Door 10 Compartments

Standing at 1778mm tall, 457mm wide and 457mm deep this unit is ideal for the purpose described above. The locker can house and charge up to ten laptop devices at a time providing a safe and secure place to store them. Each compartment is fitted with a single socket and is ventilated for safety when charging. With a wide range of popular colours to choose from this locker would suit any educational, office or warehouse facility and can be matched to brand/ uniform colours. Each unit is coated with BioCote anti-bacterial paint that helps stop the spread of germs by 99% for the entire life of the locker.

LapCabby Charging Lockers

Tablet Charging and Storing Lockers

Similar to the introduction of laptops into educational environments, tablets have also grown in popularity. Many schools – particularly primary schools and choosing to use tablets to not only education children on technology but to also use them as educational tools. Specialist software is available providing educational games and other interactive apps for children to use. Proving to be a popular incentive to children, tablets are now widely used across the UK. The UK’s number one tablet storage brand in schools is LapCabby and here at Direct2U we are proud to offer a wide selection of the range.

Another popular institution turning to tablet devices is the NHS. It is believed that accuracy and treatment time can be improved through the use of tablet devices enabling doctors and nurses to share notes instantly. However, we all know that technology can be unreliable and this new system can only work if the devices are looked after and of course – have power.

Recommended Product: TabCabby Horizontal Storage

This 1115mm high unit is deceptively big and can store up to 32 tablets (max. size 310 x 198 x 35mm each). The storage unit has a grey frame as standard with a choice of accent colours including purple, charcoal, blue, orange and lime. Each unit is fitted with Power7energy management system which features easy use timers, Economy 7 and day time charging. To ensure ultimate safety the TabCabby also has AC adaptors and power supply stored in a separate compartment with unique cable storage to keep unit tidy and safe. As if this unit didn’t have enough selling features, here’s one more: each LapCabby and TabCabby unit comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.


Thanks for reading our guide to charging lockers. Hopefully our guide has helped you make an informed decision on which lockers are best for you. If you have any further questions please ask our sales team on live chat, or 01922 715130.