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Locker Maintenance – Our Top 5 Suggestions!

lockers maintenance

Lockers maintenance is essential. Whether your lockers are out on display or hidden in the staff room, their condition plays a part in how some may perceive your establishment. Lockers are built to stand the test of time, but this goes hand in hand with maintaining them. High-traffic areas like schools will see the impact of locker aesthetics deteriorate much quicker than most, and it can get ugly. This is why locker maintenance is so important to businesses. If you’re looking to make an impression with sleek, clean designs to customers and pupils alike, this is essential. Check out our top 5 five suggestions. We delve into advising on cleanliness, changing locks and checking hardware.

school locker in changing room
tuff locker in school changing room

How often should I check my Lockers?

The frequency with which you should check your lockers depends on their
environment. For example, low-traffic areas like offices mean the lockers won’t
get heavy use. So, we suggest locker maintenance every 6-12 months. However,
for any lockers in areas such as schools and gyms with incredibly high traffic
and heavy use, we recommend reviewing them every 3-4 months. Here are our top 5
suggestions to ensure you get the life you can from your locker.

1. General Cleaning

  • Dust down externally before wiping your lockers down
  • Wipe down doors and frames using a disinfectant wipe or sponge / cleaning solution
  • Remove dust and debris from inside the locker unit and wipe down this area
  • Check on top of the lockers, dust can gather easily here as well as litter
  • Using a leather, remove any excess water – this will help prevent rusting

2. Locker hinges

  • Ensure the lockers open and close effortlessly
  • Apply oil substance to squeaking hinges (WD40)
  • Remove residue of any oil substances used
  • Check hinges are secured to the locker doors and body
  • Tighten screws where applicable

3. Check Locks

  • Check the functionality of the locks
  • Check internally that all sliding parts and pivots work correctly
  • Clean lock from the inside and dry to help prevent rusting
  • For digital combi locks, ensure batteries haven’t run out
  • Check each locker locks when in use
  • Check for structural defects preventing the locker from locking

4. Structural Review

  • Check all screws are tightly fastened
  • This applies to internal shelving, nesting and lockers attached to walls
  • Tighten any screws around the lock
  • Straighten out any steel work (using pliers) that may have bent, preventing doors from open or closing

5. Overall Aesthetic

  • Source the colour code of your lockers from where you purchased them
  • Using this colour code, order some touch up pens to disguise marks and scratches
  • Check for rust and remove with emery cloth

Why should I maintain my lockers?

Lockers maintenance is key for getting the most out of your lockers. If you’re looking to keep your lockers in the best condition you can whilst they’re a part of your esablishment, these steps are crucial. Alternatively, you could find that they need replacing sooner than they should. Some things are out of your hands, like accidents or damaged beyond repair. However, an effort should be made to keep them in the best condition they can. This is important for you and your staff / pupils.

Shop Metal Lockers

TUFF Lockers

  • Get 37& OFF now!
  • Single compartment lockers include a top shelf and coat hook
  • Two compartment lockers have a coat hook in each compartment
  • Compartments fitted with a security shelf to prevent access to the locker below
  • Fire Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1, Reaction to Fire Classification AS-s2
  • Locker doors each have reinforced rubber buffers and a door stiffener
  • Hard-wearing finish with anti-bacterial powder-coated paint

Contact us

Order lockers online or call us today for a site visit and free quotation. We encourage site surveys for larger projects to see how we can meet your requirements. You may need some inspiration too. Our specialists can advise on what combinations would be suit your needs. Or for any locker maintenance information, please contact us here today.

Charging Lockers – Laptops, Tablets and Phones

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Charging Lockers are growing significantly in popularity and for good reason too. With 88% of the UK population in possession of mobile phones alone, these lockers have never been higher in demand. As well, nearly 65% of the UK population own a laptop. Therefore, charging lockers in schools, public spaces and offices makes perfect sense.

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Go straight to our Laptop or Mobile Lockers here

Charge via USB or 3-Pin Sockets

All our mobile, tablet and laptop lockers come with the option to charge your devices via USB or 3-pin. The USB locking option comes fitted with both Type A and Type C sockets. This ensures that no matter how modern your device, a suitable insert is installed to charge your device. Look out for these icons below when browsing through our charging lockers:

Mobile Phone Charging Lockers

A mobile phone locker is a secure locker consisting of 8, 10, or 15 compartments. With its narrow design of 300mm, its the compact choice suitable where space is a premium. Choose between a single door or compartment matching door quantities. As well as being able to store your mobile device securely, you can also charge it. You can also choose how you want to charge it. This means you have the option of either USB or 3-Pin sockets in each compartment. The entire locker is powered with one 3-Pin plug. However, depending on which quantity of lockers you select, you will have a charging port in each compartment.

Tablet 3 Pin Charging Locker – 8 Compartments

  • Great for schools, universities, offices, public areas, libraries, etc.
  • Each compartment is fitted with a standard 3-pin plug socket
  • Sturdy steel construction and solid door hinge for security
  • Standard cam lock fitted as standard
  • Free Delivery to UK Mainland
  • UK Manufactured
  • View USB model here

Laptop Charging Lockers

Laptop Lockers are a little wider than mobile lockers. This is to cater to the average size of a laptop. At 450mm wide and 450mm deep, this ensures ample space for your larger devices. Much like mobile lockers, there are 8, 10 and 15 compartments to choose from. Again, choose from a single door or compartment matching doors. Choose your preferred charging option once again.

Laptop USB Charging Locker – 15 Compartments

  • Choose from a single door or 15 separate doors
  • Great for schools, universities, offices, public areas, libraries, etc.
  • Each compartment is fitted with USB Type A and Type C ports
  • Sturdy steel construction and solid door hinge for security
  • Standard cam lock fitted as standard
  • Free Delivery to UK Mainland
  • UK Manufactured
  • View 3-Pin model here

Laptop Charging Trolley

Something a little different that is also a part of the charging locker family is our trolley charging units. We have charging trolleys for both laptops and mobile devices. These mobile units traverse with castors and can be used in between classrooms, offices and more. Choose between 2 or 16 doors to cater for the 16 compartments built in these.

LapBox 3-Pin Charging Trolley – 16 Compartments

  • Ideal for schools, universities, offices, IT rooms, etc.
  • Each compartment is fitted with a standard plug socket
  • 13 amp charging socket in each compartment
  • Sturdy steel construction and solid door hinge for security
  • Free Delivery to UK Mainland
  • UK Manufactured
  • View USB model here

Device Charging Locker Q&A

We’ve put together out most popular Q&A’s from our customers regarding Charging Lockers. If you have any more questions, please get in touch with us here:

Q1. How many devices can I charge in each charging locker?

A1. With 3-Pin charging lockers, each compartment’s port can charge a single device. With our USB charging lockers, 2 devices can be charged in each compartment via its type A and type C ports. So, in our 8 compartment 3-pin lockers, you can charge 8 devices. With our 15 compartment USB lockers, you can charge 30 devices (depending on their size)

Q2. Are charging lockers secure?

A2. Yes. You can store and charge your devices securely. Each locker comes fitted with a cam lock as standard. You can lock each door securely with a key. Or, there are optional lock upgrades too. Upgrade to a swivel latch lock if you want to lock with a padlock for example. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

Q3. Can I combine 3 Pin and USB charging ports in a single locker unit?

A3. There isn’t currently an option to combine the 2 charging methods in a single unit. This is all based on how each pillar is constructed that runs from the top to the bottom of the locker (in the far right corner of each compartment). Currently, each pillar is installed with either 3-pin or USB charging ports.

Q4. What device can I fit into each locker compartment?

A4. We encourage you to view each of our products descriptions. There, you can see the external locker size, along with each internal compartment size.

Locker Projects

For large order enquiries and site visits, please contact us here. We project manage all enquiries from start to finish. We can help you identify what it is you need, arrange delivery and install your lockers.

School Lockers Projects at Direct2U!

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projects at direct2u, lockers projects, school lockers, lockers for schools, secondary school lockers,

Where to start with your Lockers Project…

It can be a fairly daunting task when looking into buying equipment for Primary and Secondary Schools. The largest factors that come into play is the quality of the product, cost and reputation of the business that will provide. We will delve into how we manage our School Lockers Projects from start to finish.

We provide workplace equipment and install across the country. Many of our large projects stem from Primary and Secondary School Locker enquiries. To cater for hundreds and thousands of pupils takes careful planning and consideration.

At Direct2U, we have years of experience in assisting schools with thier school lockers projects. Therefore, we have a process in place for any new customers looking to reach out for new ideas and solutions. Below, we will go into some detail about our latest clients’ wants and needs along with our solutions for them.

Norland Primary School

Our clients at Norland Primary School made contact with us via our contact us page online. We arranged a free site survey so that we could look into the possibilities of what could be done, essentially allowing us to understand their needs.

For Primary Schools in particular, we recommend low-height lockers; so that pupils can reach the contents of their lockers with ease. Also, swivel latch locks are easier for pupils to use with a simple turn and lock action with no concerns of ever losing keys.

We have a good selection of low-height lockers. However, it was our TUFF Education Lockers that Norland Primary School decided on. Delivered fully assembled with nesting holes already pre-drilled, our installations team could carry out and install with ease.

lockers, tuff lockers, small lockers, low height lockers, lockers for sale,
TUFF Education Lockers – 1235mm High
  • High quality design with lower height for easy access
  • Fitted with standard mastered cam lock with 2,000 differs as standard (lock upgrades available)
  • 1 Door lockers come with a top shelf
  • Height: 1235mm
  • Choice of depths: 300 / 380 / 450mm
  • Material: 0.7mm mild steel
  • UK Manufactured
  • Order Here

Old Mill Primary School

Our clients at Old Mill Primary School return this year for more lockers. Last year, we installed lockers for thier Year 3 and Year 4 pupils. This time around, they needed a combination of different heights for their Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. The colour theme for the School and the pupils uniform is red. This was the driving force behind choosing a powder-coated red finish – to remain consistent with the schools colour scheme.

Our Lockers come in various heights. This means we can accommodate for multiple room designs, just like the one above. Our 1800mm high TUFF Lockers have been used on adjacent walls. However, the centre wall would need low-height lockers to allow them to fit underneath the windows. The room remains well lit and ventilated whilst having additional storage for more students.

We have highlighted below the 2 ranges of Lockers selected for this project along with some key features and benefits.

lockers, tuff lockers, small lockers, low height lockers, lockers for sale, school lockers
TUFF Lockers
lockers, tuff lockers, small lockers, low height lockers, lockers for sale, school lockers
Armour Standard Lockers
  • 1800mm High
  • Up to 6 compartments per locker
  • Cam locks fitted as standard (lock upgrades available)
  • Fire Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1
  • UK Manufactured
  • 1800mm High
  • Up to 6 compartments per locker
  • Choice of 3 widths
  • Strengthened and ventilated doors with rubber buffers
  • UK Manufactured

Are you looking to replace your existing lockers? Or arrange to have lockers installed for the first time? At Direct2U, we offer free site surveys and quotations. Alternatively, you can browse our range of lockers online here, as well as all optional accessories such as locking upgrades, sloping tops and stands. All neccessary measurments are to hand so that you are able to gauge roughly what you need.

Click below to get started!

school lockers, lockers, low height lockers, locker stands, small lockers,
school lockers, lockers, low height lockers, locker stands, small lockers,

We Answer Your Top 5 Metal Lockers Questions!

lockers, metal lockers, lockers for sale, school lockers for sale, office lockers,
tuff lockers, school lockers, lockers for school, office lockers, staff lockers, metal lockers, metal lockers for sale, cheap lockers
A closer look at our range of Lockers..

The concept of Metal lockers is simple. Choose your style, size, colour and locks. However, there are still questions to be answered that go beyond the simple options available. What other colours do lockers come in? What metal are lockers made from? How do you lock your lockers? We’ll use this space to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers.

What to put in your locker.

Although not technically a question, it’s along the same lines as ‘What can I put in my Locker?’. This is a good starting point. It may seem obvious but we wouldn’t suggest that you can store absolutely everything in your lockers.

For students, office staff and warehouse employees, Lockers can store everything you need during your working day. Coats, lunch, sports wear, books, phones, tablets, shoes, the works.

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We don’t recommend that you store any chemical substances in lockers. There are other specially made products for use with chemical products.

How Tall Are Lockers?

The average height of a standard locker is 1800mm. Generally, lockers tend to have a flat top design. This is to prevent any awkward obstructions with ceilings are partitions in more traditional buildings. Our TUFF Lockers are a great example of what to expect from our standard height lockers.

tuff lockers, school lockers, lockers for school, office lockers, staff lockers, metal lockers, metal lockers for sale, cheap lockers
Standard height of a full sized Locker

However, there are many types of lockers to choose from. Nurseries and Primary schools may not need lockers as tall as 1800mm. Therfore, small variations are a great option. We have lockers as low as 300mm (our Armour Cube Lockers). These are also stackable. Click here to take a closer look at our Cube Lockers.

locker heights, how tall are lockers, lockers, metal lockers, low lockers, cube lockers,
Locker heights can vary significantly

Alternatively, explore lower compartment lockers. Our Education Lockers are perfect for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. Heights from 955mm to 1380mm allow pupils to store and access thier personal belongings with ease.

What Metal Are Lockers Made From?

tuff lockers, school lockers, lockers for school, office lockers, staff lockers, metal lockers, metal lockers for sale, cheap lockers

The majority of metal lockers are made from 0.7mm mild steel. Mild steel is made from iron and carbon. This metal has a carbon content betwen 0.16% and 0.29%. Mild steel has a relatively high melting point between 1450°C to 1520°C. This high temperature translates to the steel being more ductile when heated. This effictively allows us to forge, cut, drill and weld with more ease.

Having said that, not all lockers made from metal. The reason for this is that some businesses require lockers suitable in other conditions or even outdoors. Take our Plastic Lockers for instance. These are fantastic for gyms, sports halls or the outdoors. The polyethelene material that we use for these are particulary good in wet areas. The plastic finish cannot rust and one of the most durable materials used. In fact, we use the same matertial is to make Wheelie Bins, albeit a high-density polythelene.

Why Do Lockers Have Vents?

tuff lockers, school lockers, lockers for school, office lockers, staff lockers, metal lockers, metal lockers for sale, cheap lockers
Ventilation styles for Probe, Pure and Armour Lockers

Locker doors have various styles of ventilation. The reason these slits in the metal are included in the door locker design is purely to allow air to pass through the compartment. Without these, a build of dust and smell can occur. The airflow means less maintenance for users. Some of our larger compartmetns, such as out 1 door 1800mm high lockers, include 2 vents. Whereas the smaller compartment lockers like our 5 and 6 door lockers, have just 1 vent.

How To Lock a Locker

There are multiple factors that can dictate your choice of locks, this ultimately leads to the question of how it is your going to lock each locker compartment. Where the lockers are going and who can access them will help you with your decision in selecting cam, swivel, coin and other locks.

For Schools, swivel locks are ideal as they instantly access with the turn of a small level on the front of the door. Whereas a coin return / retain lock would be ideal for leisure centres and sports halls. In most cases, there will be the option to purchase a Master Key. This gives the main user access to all locker compartments.

Swivel Locks
Combination Locks
Coin Return Locks

There are more locking options for you to be able to lock your compartements. Our Probe Lockers have even more options. You can check out our Locking guide here too.

Contact Us

For any further enquiries or questions you maye have, please reach out to us here. Use our web chat, phone lines or email us at sales@direct2u.co.uk and we will respond as soon as we can.

Metal Lockers and Storage – What you need for Winter!

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lockers, cloakroom lockers, school lockers, cube lockers, metal lockers, storage lockers

Which Lockers do I need for my office? What Lockers are best for schools? What can I store in Lockers? There are so many options when it comes to buying Lockers. It can be quite daunting at times. Even more so that there are so many differentials involved. Metal Lockers and Storage space has never been more important than it is during the winter months. With so many coats, scarves, gloves, and other apparel used in the outdoors.

Let’s look at some Locker storage options you have, all of which are suitable for your winter equipment. This may be the reminder you need to freshen up your current set up, prepared to keep your students or staff belongings secure and organised.

Durable Metal Lockers

Apollo Lockers
Apollo LockersApollo Lockers Range

This range of quality made cheap lockers may be the most cost-effective storage solution for many Schools and businesses. Yet, there is no compromise on quality. Looking at the Apollo Range for instance; the 0.9mm reinforced steel doors allow them to stand the test of time without having to break the bank. With sloping tops, you can prevent accumulation of litter atop the lockers.

Colourful Range of Storage Lockers

There is no shortage of colour choice. It’s important that you have a variety of styles and colours to choose from. This is great if you have a certain colour theme you want to work with. Whether that’s in school halls, offices, or leisure centres. These lockers can brighten up any room they’re placed in (browse the range of lockers and colours at the foot of the page).

Cloakroom Lockers & Benches

Armour Junior Benches
Armour Junior Double Sided Cloakroom Benches

Cloakroom equipment can be especially useful during the Autumn and Winter months. The Armour Junior Double sided benches include hooks to hang bags, coats, scarves and hats. As well as this, there is seating space either side to allow Pupils to change from their boots or wellies to indoor footwear.

Armour Cube Lockers can be useful when storing smaller belongings in areas where space is at a premium. Air vents allow for circulation without compromising the security of any items inside. You can buy these as individual lockers that you can stack on top of one another.

Armour Cube Lockers
Armour Cube Lockers

Lockers – Here and Now!

Express Lockers
Express Delivery Lockers

As we’re now in December, it’s important that you able to get the items you need in a timely fashion. There are locker ranges such as the ‘Express’ range above that you can receive within 5 working days.

Covid-19 – Workplace Lockers and Storage

Due to Covid-19 there have been many new procedures and restrictions put into place within workplaces, to allow for a safe working environment. Some of these restrictions include staggered shift patterns and no hot desking, however have you thought about the lockers and storage you are providing to your staff.

Workplace storage is a key area where bacteria and germs could potentially lurk and risk infecting other members of the work force even when keeping to safe social distancing. There are some key changes that could be done to help reduce risks;

  • Individual storage – often workplace offer sharing lockers or storage, for space and cost saving. However, sharing storage could increase risk of infection between staff members even with staggered shift patterns.
  • Lockers with antibacterial properties – our lockers have a anti-bacteria properties without their paint work. This prevents the infection and growth of bacteria on the surface of the lockers.
  • Providing hand sanitiser – providing hand sanitiser for your employees they will encourage staff to use this both before and after using their storage and the staff areas.
  • Regularly clean – ensuring that lockers are cleaned at the minimum between each work shift. This will help reduce the risk of infection between employees on different shifts.
  • Separations between storage – by separating lockers, this allows further space for staff to socially distance. All of our lockers can be purchased in individual widths, but can nested together at a late date if required.

By making these few simple changes to your workplace storage you will be creating a safer working environment for your staff members.

Workplace Safety

There are many other aspects to be considered when bringing staff members back into the workplace in order to create a safe and socially distanced working environment. Some of these aspects include:

  1. Reducing the number of staff on site. Can any of your staff work from home, as this will reduce staff numbers. Amending working hours to shift patterns would also help.
  2. Increasing the space between workstations. With a reduced workforce there would hopefully be space for increased distance between staff workstations.
  3. Use of temporary barriers on workstations or in staff areas. Especially if you are unable to increase space between work stations, adding temporary barriers will help to lower infection risks.

If you need to purchase any further storage to manage these steps, why not take a look at our range.

It’s time to update your lockers

Update your lockers

We live in an era where first impressions count, when a client or prospect enters your facility it’s important that the decor reflects your high standards.

One factor to consider when re-decorating is lockers, their functionality to store personal belongings away can de-clutter a whole workspace. Additionally, their designs and colours can add to the environment and brighten up previously dull locations.

Deciphering which lockers suit or are going to be the best fit can lead to hours of online searching. But here at Direct2U, we like to help you find the best offers and ease the process of updating your lockers.

Executive Lockers

Executive Lockers

Classy, sleek and decorative our executive lockers provide offices with a modern taken on traditional lockers. With a selection of colours, they can easily be added to existing decor or styled around new offices. I’m slightly biased, but our executive lockers provide that extra flair many offices are missing. Their unique design and finish provides a modern atmosphere that can offer a great first impression.

Probe BuzzBox Laminate Lockers

Probe Buzzbox Laminate Lockers

For a pop of colour, our buzzbox lockers are ideal to liven up a workspace. Available in a range of colours, they’re perfect for offices, schools and universities in need of a colour boost. By including bright and colourful furniture in any working space, it’s known to boost morale and improve productivity. If you require this extra boost, our Buzzbox laminate lockers are an amazing fit.

TUFF Rustic Lockers

TUFF Rustic Lockers

New to our range, our TUFF Rustic Lockers have been a popular hit within gyms, changing rooms and workspaces. Their vintage appearance throws you into a steam punk era & changes the dynamic of the room.

Hand crafted, each unit is completely bespoke. No one locker will be the same, which adds to the quirkiness of the lockers. If you want to make an everlasting first impression, then TUFF Rustic lockers are ideal for your facility.

You’re missing out on potential exposure

This mostly applies to organisations who rely on word of mouth, E.g. Coffee Shops, Gyms or Retail stores. It’s become a common trend for customers to pose next to aesthetically pleasing locations and tag them via social media. Something as powerful as social media shouldn’t be ignored. Whilst lockers isn’t going to be the next fashion trend, it’s important to acknowledge how they can provide this important aesthetic that may result in organic exposure.

Get in touch

Hopefully we’ve helped open your mind to the potential of updating decor. Due to our extensive range, if you require further help our sales team can assist with any questions. However, for now if you want to check out our range then head to Lockers Direct2U and see what we have to offer!