TUFF by name – TUFF by nature!

Tuff Lockers

eet the latest edition to our TUFF family – our TUFF Lockers. These new lockers embrace the TUFF brand offering quality, strength and longevity for a competitive price.

We believe our exclusive range of TUFF lockers will add a breath of fresh air to your storage. The graphite excursion plate and various colourful door options are a classic combination, yet offer a more modern look for the standard locker.

Since we launched these lockers onto the market in early this year they have proven extremely popular and are fast becoming one of our best sellers. Hence, we have an exciting promotion for the TUFF Lockers this summer. They started from £63.00 but are now on offer starting from just £55 a locker!! Saving you over 10% – however please remember that this is for a limited time only.

TUFF Lockers: Key Features

  • Unique graphite excursion plate won’t mark show marks or wear and tear easily. It is designed to prolong the look of the lock and protect the metal from scratches from keys.
  • High gloss powder coated finish for a faultless appearance. The powder coated finish will help maintain the lockers appearance and has anti-bacterial technology for improved hygiene. This is essential for schools, hospitals, public areas such as libraries and sports centres and for any workplaces where the locker will have multiple users.
  • Security shelves are used to create individual compartments. They ensure that each compartment is secure and access to the locker below is prevented. We also only use galvanised shelves in our TUFF lockers, so whatever is stored inside the locker these shelves will withstand day to day wear and tear.
  • Reinforced rubber buffers and door stiffeners provide strength and durability. An ideal feature for schools and public spaces.
  • Single compartment lockers (one door) have a top shelf and a coat hook inside. Two compartment lockers have a coat hook inside each compartment.
  • Fire Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1, Reaction to Fire Classification AS-s2. This means that the locker in the event of a fire will not contribute to the spread of flames. It is the powder coating paint that is non-combustible rather than the carcass of the locker. However, it is very important to ensure the locker you purchase have this certification, especially if they are to be located in corridors or near to emergency exits.
  • Fast 10 Day Delivery – Free to UK Mainland*

TUFF Lockers: Available Options

  • Four Sizes: W300 x D300mm / W380 x D380mm / W300 x D450mm / W450 x D450mm
  • Seven colours options: Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, yellow, Green, Dark Grey and Light Grey
  • Available as Single (1), 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 compartment lockers
  • Fitted with standard mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs (supplied with 2 keys per lock)
  • Please Note: Standard Height of lockers is 1800mm

Coming Soon to Lockers Direct2U

You can easily upgrade your lockers to have stands to raise them off the floor, sloping tops to prevent items being placed on top of the locker and different locking options.

Soon you will be able to purchase TUFF Lockers with coin return and coin retain locks easily through our website. For all other upgrades please speak to one of our friendly Sales Team via Live Chat or phone to get a free no obligation quotation.

Got a project? Let’s work together…

If you have a space that needs some lockers then please give us a call or live chat so that we can discuss your requirements. We will help you choose the best size and locker based on your available space and the purpose of the lockers. We will also help create room layouts and work to your specified colour pallet. Want some more information before you get in touch? Take a look at our new Ultimate Guide to Lockers

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