Canteens, can they help your office?

Many companies forget the importance of a canteen and offering employees a place to eat and spend lunchtimes. Having an attractive canteen area can encourage staff to take their breaks and so increases effectiveness within the office.

Importance of Work Breaks

It is important that employees take break away from their work and computers. Working throughout breaks can in fact reduce effectiveness and increase stress levels. Taking break from work can help many aspects;

  • Increase productivity – taking breaks can help employees to regain focus. By taking a lunch break the mid-afternoon slump that often happens can be reduced. Taking a break from your computer for a minute or two can give a boost of productivity after the break.
  • Improving metal well-being – working a whole shift with no break can increase stress of employees. Lunch breaks allow staff to recharge for some time before getting back to work, which can help to reduce stress.
  • Creative boost – coming up with new ideas or creative projects can be challenging for employees if they take no breaks throughout the day. Taking a break from certain tasks or project can help inspiration to come back.
  • Increase healthy habits – breaks allow for employees to practise healthy habits. This can include going for a walks or meditating over lunches, to refresh staff for the last few hours of their working day.

Encourage Staff to take Breaks

There are ways that employers can encourage their staff to take their breaks, these are some tips on how to get your staff taking breaks:

  • Revamp break rooms – ensuring there is a usable and comfortable break room with plenty of seating. Having a nice break room will encourage staff to use this when they need a break.
  • Provide incentives – some companies offer a “break challenge”. This includes offering incentives to staff members for taking their breaks, by rewarding employees for their participation.
  • Discuss the benefits – there are many people that are not aware of the benefits and importance of breaks and this may effect whether they take their breaks. Discussing the importance of breaks with staff can help to encourage more employees to take their breaks.
  • Take breaks yourself – ensuring that those people higher up in the office take breaks can help encourage all staff members to also partake. This way, employees will feel comfortable taking breaks. Often if managers aren’t seen taking breaks, this can deter employees from taking breaks.

Encouraging Healthy Habits

There are ways to encourage your employees to partake in healthy habits whilst on their breaks and throughout the day at work.

  • Walking clubs – encouraging staff members to walk throughout the day is a great way to get staff moving. Possibly even encouraging those with fitness trackers to link and have a competition weekly to see who can get more steps throughout the allocated breaks.
  • Healthy snacking – many offices provide staff with snacks, including biscuits. Why not swap these out for healthy snacks to reduce the temptation to snack on unhealthy food.
  • Gym time – do you have an onsite gym, or one within a short distance of your workplace? Offering employees 30 minutes of on-time-clock gym time can encourage staff to partake in activities. If there is no gyms near-by offering gym vouchers or possibly the offer of a weekly gym class that staff could partake in.
  • Socialising – ensuring that staff are able to take breaks together can encourage socialisation and therefore, improve moods and reduce stress.
  • Quiet time – some staff members like to use their breaks as quiet time to refresh. If you have room why not offer a separate break room as a quiet room or reading area.

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