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Celebrating the launch of our new Sack Truck!

What is a sack truck used for? Sack Trucks are designed to help users transport loads easily from one place to another. Sack trolleys come on two wheels and ensure that the uses can use the handles to push different load capacities. Load capacities can range from lightweight items to heavy duty items depending on what employees are using the sack truck for. You may be asking why is it called a sack truck? They are called this because back in the 18th century when they were first used, young boys used them to move large sacks of spices on… Read more

A guide on how to keep your Cage Trolley for as long as possible

Cage trolleys are an essential product for any high demanding workplace. With cage trolleys, you can guarantee that your workplace will be in the best form possible in terms of productivity and work flow. At certain times with the use of cage trolleys, they may end up not fulfilling your needs. This may not be due to the cage trolley itself, but how the buyer is using and maintaining them.  Taking care of your cage trolley will help maintain the trolley for as long as possible and ensure maximum productivity. Never exceed the load capacity All cage trolleys have a… Read more

Our TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift Range

Our TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift Range Price, quality and delivery are three things you will not have to worry about when shopping from our TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift range. What is particularly unique about our product is that it has the capability to hold numerous amounts of capacity. Up to 1000kg to be exact! This therefore enables you to lift carefree and let the lift do the lifting for you. What is a TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift and why does ours stand out? So, you may be asking, what are the TUFF Mobile Scissor Lifts all about and why would… Read more

Christmas Delivery News – Direct2U

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It’s that time of year where we are asked so frequently ”Can I get a pre christmas delivery?” We will soon be closing for Christmas! But before we close the doors for a short while, we thought now would be a good time to update you all on what to expect over the next week or so. We will outline delivery cut-off dates and times, closing dates and when we’ll be re-opening the doors in the new year. Read on! Delivery before Christmas? If you’re looking to receive a delivery before Christmas, there’s still time! But you’ll have to act… Read more