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Canteens, can they help your office?

Many companies forget the importance of a canteen and offering employees a place to eat and spend lunchtimes. Having an attractive canteen area can encourage staff to take their breaks and so increases effectiveness within the office. Importance of Work Breaks It is important that employees take break away from their work and computers. Working throughout breaks can in fact reduce effectiveness and increase stress levels. Taking break from work can help many aspects; Increase productivity – taking breaks can help employees to regain focus. By taking a lunch break the mid-afternoon slump that often happens can be reduced. Taking… Read more

5 Quick and Cost Effective Garage Storage Ideas for 2019

5 Garage Storage Ideas Featured Image

Do you constantly find your garage or workshop becoming disorganized and untidy? Most garages or workshops become untidy as, in most cases, items are wrongly placed and stored on floors. Not only does this create tripping hazards, it also means your tools and equipment will become lost, damaged or inaccessible over time. This article aims to highlight the 5 most cost effective garage storage and space optimization tips to help you get clean, tidy and organised. There are many garage storage systems on the market. Some which can be quite costly and often ineffective due to their impractical size and… Read more

10 Commonly Forgotten Rules in Warehouses

10 Commonly Forgotten Rules in Warehouses

Introduction As both small and large businesses attempt to remain successful during our turbulent times (FSB,2018), it is important to remember the fundamental rules that influence our core business function. The following article aims to recall the 10 key points to success within warehouses and distribution centres. To help bring focus back on the essentials that commonly help influence success. The Top Ten Warehousing Tips Use free space for Storage. It sounds a bit obvious. But if you are short on storage, or find your current shelving is untidy and difficult to navigate. Then adding additional bays of suitable heavy… Read more

Reach new heights with our warehouse steps

Warehouse Steps Guide

When it comes to heights, many of us stay grounded and miss out on the world above. Our warehouse steps can show you what the world looks like from 5m high. I’ll be frank, it’s not much of a difference. But what it does mean, your employee’s can now reach products on high shelves and access spaces that previously were inaccessible. In factories, warehouses and store rooms they’re installing pallet racking that stand up to 6m high to store stock in a space saving manner. This means operators face a new struggle of reaching heights whilst ensuring their safety isn’t compromised…. Read more