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Why are these type of Warehouse Steps so popular?

We was asked recently by a then-potential now-turned-customer – “why are these particular warehouse steps with the domed feet so popular?”. So we thought we’d do a little tribute to the mobile steps that are quickly becoming a fundamental in most warehouse and workplace environments. What are domed feet? As shown in the images, this term refers to the feet of warehouse steps that feature round covers. These domes are providing protection and cover to the swivelling wheels that are attached to the steps. The term ‘spring loaded’ refers to the type of castors (wheels) attached. Castors stay fixed in… Read more

Matting Maintenance: How to Clean Commercial Mats

Why spend on matting maintenance? Well the short answer is: to reduce the amount of maintenance you must do elsewhere! Without effective matting at your building’s entrance, visitors can cause significant damage to flooring surfaces. The damage caused to floorings and carpets from residual footwear dust, dirt and mud is permanent. Maintaining your mats can help you save money and time spent on maintaining the rest of the building! There are other reasons why you should care about having well-maintained mats: budget, safety, function, and design. You might decide how to prioritise these, which will impact the cost of maintenance!… Read more

5 Alternative Uses for the BRUTE

5 Alternative Uses for the Brute

Here at Rubbermaid Direct2U, we understand that not every product will be bought to fulfil its intended use. So, we’ve decided to highlight the versatility of our best-selling utility waste solution: BRUTEs! 1. Black Round BRUTE Composting is a cost-effective, organic process that decomposes your waste and turns it into fertiliser for plants. This is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you put into your wheelie bin, and help your garden at the same time. Black Round BRUTEs can be a discreet addition to your gardening arsenal. Simply carve the bottom out and install a mesh grid… Read more

5 Useful Tips for People Who Stand All Day

5 Useful Tips for People Who Stand All Day

Your job might require you to stand all day, if you work in engineering, warehousing, retail, catering or hair & beauty. Unfortunately, if you’re not standing with mindfulness, it can take a toll on your back, legs and feet. In 2016, 41% of work-related illnesses was of musculoskeletal disorders. That’s nearly half! A recent report by the NHS revealed that around 1.1 million fit notes related to musculoskeletal disorders made it the second most common reason for issuing a note. Unfortunately, there’s only so much your company can do, such as provide ergonomic workspaces and adequate matting. What can you… Read more