The Myths of Recycling

Why should we recycle? We can all make a difference to the environment we live in by recycling. By simply changing the way you throw away your waste you cab help to reduce the use to use more natural resources and decrease the need for more landfills! Not only this, recycling saves a lot of money and reduces the need to consume and product more waste. Sounds easy right? It is! There is many myths surrounding recycling and what you can and cannot recycle. We have decided to give the real answers about the biggest myths to recycling to make… Read more

A Christmas Tale

Christmas Tale D2U Featured Image

We write today with a story on how we managed to save Christmas for one of our customers. As we all know. The festive period is hectic, and stock levels are very hard to predict. This is why this enquiry was particularly difficult to resolve. We were approached by our customer early December regarding the availability of a wheelie bin suitable for domestic/indoor use. Although this sounds like a strange request. Our customer told us of how their young son had only asked Santa for a wheelie bin for Christmas, to go in his room. As a family run business…. Read more

Rubbermaid Brute: The Strongest Waste Container

Rubbermaid have been producing BRUTE containers since 1968 and with every lift and drop they have been trusted by professionals for their durability. Due to their design and construction they have been chosen by companies across the world to assist them in their day to day activities. In 2015, they manufactured venting channels which make removing liners from the BRUTE 50% easier and with all its other amazing features – “it means that your toughest job just got a whole lot easier!” Round BRUTE BRUTE All plastic, high grade construction that will not chip or dent. They are able to… Read more

Rubbermaid Recycling Solutions for your Organisation

Rubbermaid Recycling Solutionss

Why do we need to Recycle? The UK produces 38 million tonnes of household, office and school waste per year, too much of this waste is going to landfill. By 2020 the government has set a 50% target of household waste must be recyclable. “Recycling in the workplace plays a fundamental role in helping to solve our nation waste problem” As disposable income in a population increases; so does the purchasing of products. This is creating more waste that ultimately goes to landfill Increasing population means that there is more people to create waste New packaging and technological products are… Read more