Matting Maintenance: How to Clean Commercial Mats

Why spend on matting maintenance? Well the short answer is: to reduce the amount of maintenance you must do elsewhere! Without effective matting at your building’s entrance, visitors can cause significant damage to flooring surfaces. The damage caused to floorings and carpets from residual footwear dust, dirt and mud is permanent. Maintaining your mats can help you save money and time spent on maintaining the rest of the building! There are other reasons why you should care about having well-maintained mats: budget, safety, function, and design. You might decide how to prioritise these, which will impact the cost of maintenance!… Read more

5 Useful Tips for People Who Stand All Day

5 Useful Tips for People Who Stand All Day

Your job might require you to stand all day, if you work in engineering, warehousing, retail, catering or hair & beauty. Unfortunately, if you’re not standing with mindfulness, it can take a toll on your back, legs and feet. In 2016, 41% of work-related illnesses was of musculoskeletal disorders. That’s nearly half! A recent report by the NHS revealed that around 1.1 million fit notes related to musculoskeletal disorders made it the second most common reason for issuing a note. Unfortunately, there’s only so much your company can do, such as provide ergonomic workspaces and adequate matting. What can you… Read more

5 Jobs that Will Benefit from Anti-Fatigue Mats

5 Jobs that will benefit form anti-fatigue matting

Fatigue is a factor you cannot ignore when investing in a workplace to ensure the well-being of employees. Sectors that require employees to be on their feet throughout the day usually have the most demanding jobs. In a fast-paced environment, ensuring your workers feel good in the workplace is vital for productivity and morale. When employers hear of fatigue, it isn’t taken seriously, usually mistaken for tiredness. An important distinction must be made between tiredness and fatigue. Being tired is a normal sign of the body having spent a lot of energy, whereas fatigue is a symptom that the body… Read more

A Guide to Entrance Matting

A guide to Entrance Matting

Entrance Matting is a crucial part in creating the first impression in any environment. It is the first thing that you see when you walk inside a building, the first point of contact before and after entering a space and is a much welcome area on a rainy day! Most of us cycle through several entrance mats throughout the years, often aware how fast they tend to wear out. However, with the right Entrance Mat System, the right length of matting and with the right matting materials, they should be able to last much longer than that! What makes a… Read more