5 Garage Storage Ideas: Time for a Spring Clean

5 Garage Storage Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! The time when the sun hits all surfaces, from the corner cobwebs that winter spared, to the dust collected on garage shelves. Spring is a great opportunity to clear the clutter and reorganise your home space! We’ve got 5 neat ideas to help you clean up your garage storage space and make sure you keep the clutter at bay. 1. Think modular shelves Say goodbye to wooden shelves that are a pain to move every time you need to redesign your garage storage space. Apart from amassing a lot of dust and inviting… Read more

Putting our TUFF Shelving to the test

Putting our TUFF shelving to the test

Well, what a start to last week. Monday’s are usually a tad dull. After a weekend of fun, it’s back to catching up on emails and working through the list of things that you need to get done during the week. However, for us at Direct2U, it was a different story last week. We started our Monday with some in house product training! I know, it may not sound quite so exciting for some. But when there’s a competition involved and a box of Celebrations up for grabs, it definitely causes a buzz in the office. This time we were… Read more

Keep your Warehouse Clean & Tidy

Keep Warehouses Clean & Tidy

Cleanliness greatly impacts productivity in any area. Think of a cluttered kitchen and how much can really be done in a short amount of time. A warehouse is an even more confusing and complex environment where people, machinery and goods are constantly flowing. Investing in tidying up can help getting more done in less time, and help with locating and moving goods quickly. Safety goes hand in hand with cleanliness, as oil spills, debris obstacles and other hazards can cause transport accidents, falls, slips and fires. More than anything, cleanliness is a good indicator of the attitude and morale of… Read more

Bundle Deals: New TUFF Shelving

TUFF Shelving Bundle Deals

At Direct2U, we’ve recently launched some new shelving products and our Bundle Deals are definitely the Star Buys among them. We offer four kits composed of multiples bays and workbenches for you to build practical and versatile storage systems. Whether it’s for domestic use, a garage or a storeroom, your TUFF Shelving will suit all these applications. And you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to make it possible! If you require a lot of storage space but the budget is at stake, look no further. Our Bundle Deals consisting of several shelving units each are an ideal… Read more