5 Quick and Cost Effective Garage Storage Ideas for 2019

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Do you constantly find your garage or workshop becoming disorganized and untidy? Most garages or workshops become untidy as, in most cases, items are wrongly placed and stored on floors. Not only does this create tripping hazards, it also means your tools and equipment will become lost, damaged or inaccessible over time. This article aims to highlight the 5 most cost effective garage storage and space optimization tips to help you get clean, tidy and organised. There are many garage storage systems on the market. Some which can be quite costly and often ineffective due to their impractical size and… Read more

10 Commonly Forgotten Rules in Warehouses

10 Commonly Forgotten Rules in Warehouses

Introduction As both small and large businesses attempt to remain successful during our turbulent times (FSB,2018), it is important to remember the fundamental rules that influence our core business function. The following article aims to recall the 10 key points to success within warehouses and distribution centres. To help bring focus back on the essentials that commonly help influence success. The Top Ten Warehousing Tips Use free space for Storage. It sounds a bit obvious. But if you are short on storage, or find your current shelving is untidy and difficult to navigate. Then adding additional bays of suitable heavy… Read more

5 Garage Storage Ideas: Time for a Spring Clean

5 Garage Storage Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! The time when the sun hits all surfaces, from the corner cobwebs that winter spared, to the dust collected on garage shelves. Spring is a great opportunity to clear the clutter and reorganise your home space! We’ve got 5 neat ideas to help you clean up your garage storage space and make sure you keep the clutter at bay. 1. Think modular shelves Say goodbye to wooden shelves that are a pain to move every time you need to redesign your garage storage space. Apart from amassing a lot of dust and inviting… Read more

Putting our TUFF Shelving to the test

Putting our TUFF shelving to the test

Well, what a start to last week. Monday’s are usually a tad dull. After a weekend of fun, it’s back to catching up on emails and working through the list of things that you need to get done during the week. However, for us at Direct2U, it was a different story last week. We started our Monday with some in house product training! I know, it may not sound quite so exciting for some. But when there’s a competition involved and a box of Celebrations up for grabs, it definitely causes a buzz in the office. This time we were… Read more