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A Guide to Scissor Lift Tables

Guide to Scissor Lift Tables

Want to buy scissor lift tables for your workplace but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! This blog will guide you through everything you need to know to confidently buy the scissor lift right for you. What is a Scissor Lift?💭 Scissor Lifts are typically found in construction environments for easy lifting of heavy duty items to a certain height. Scissor lift tables help by eliminating risk of injury for easy work on heavy items, that would otherwise be dangerous to move. A scissor Lift enables users to move items around locations easily to improve productivity and save time…. Read more

Reach New Heights with Our Climb-It Range!

Reach new heights with our Climb-It range!

Our Brand-New Climb-It range has arrived! With our new range of warehouse steps, we are sure there is something to suit your space! The exclusive Climb-It range is ideal for experts in trade and warehouse operations. With ultimate focus on increasing productivity, safety, and quality. High Quality & Made to Last🏆 We produce to the highest quality and produce right here in the UK. This means our brand-new Climb-It range is durable and made to last for years to come. Certified to EN 131 standards, our warehouse steps provide the best access solutions for your workplace. Looking for every-day warehouse… Read more

Warehouse Shelving and Racking – 5 Ways To Improve Efficiency

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The layout of warehouse shelving and racking contributes immensely to the efficiency of warehouses and factories. Utilising your warehouse space effectively can be the difference between a successfully run organisation and one that falters more often than not. Stock that isn’t accessible or poorly organised can lead to costly errors. We delve into ways that you can help prevent these issues. Plan Your Shelving and Racking Meticulously With Us The most important part of this process is the plan. Planning and mapping out your shelving and racking. A well drawn out plan with our specialists, once come to life, can… Read more

Self-tipping skips: what is their purpose?

An introduction to self-tipping skips Wondering the purpose of self tipping skips? Tipping skips are one of the most frequently used apparatus in the workplace across multiple industries. They are the perfect item to transport materials and waste inside industrial environments. At Direct2u we offer a variety of different tipping skips. Some range from self-tipping skips, to forklift tipping skips and standard skips. A common denominator for the range of tipping skips is that they all have the sole purpose of ensuring workplaces are as tidy as possible. They ensure that clutter, waste and different materials are transported safely to… Read more