Handling & Lifting

Pallet and Pallet Truck Safety

Pallet & Pallet Truck Safety

Defined by BS ISO 445 a ‘Pallet’ is a horizontal platform of minimum height, compatible with handling by pallet trucks and or forklift trucks and other appropriate handling equipment. Commonly used as a base for assembling, storing, handling and transporting goods and loads in factories and warehouses. Pallet accidents are usually caused by: Poor design of the pallet Unsuitable pallet for the load Unsafe stacking Use of a damaged pallet All these accidents can be avoided by developing and following safe working practices. The use of pallet trucks is covered by the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998;… Read more

A New Look for Trucks & Trolleys Direct2U

Trucks & Trolleys Makeover

Here at Direct2U the team has been working hard to give Trucks & Trolleys Direct2U a new look. We have re-categorised each and every product to make it easier to find what you need when you want it. As a result our new categories include: Lift Tables Pallet Trucks Sack Trucks Trucks & Trolleys Cage Trolleys & Pallets Fork Lift Attachments Lifting Gear Heavy Load Movers This will bring some new and exciting products to the Trucks & Trolleys Direct2U range; finally products to keep looking for are: TUFF FORKLIFT SKIPS – features a simple tipping action for east unloading…. Read more

How to Choose a Sack Truck Tyre Suitable For your Needs

Sack Truck Tyre Types

Have you ever had the headache of deciding what type of tyres you want on your sack trucks? Trucks and Trolleys Direct2U have produced this short guide to ease that pain. Each wheel type has been described with advantages and disadvantages in order for the user to make an informed decision on which wheel type they will need. Flat Free Flat-free tyres constructed with solid, lightweight foam. These tyres have all the benefits of an air-filled tyre without having to pump the tyres when they go flat. No tubes and no more re-filling of air meaning no more hassle. Advantages –… Read more

What is ESD and How Does it Effect your Workplace?

Evie the Elf

What is ESD? Electrostatic discharge; when two objects come into contact creating a release of static energy. Everyday examples include: after tumble drying clothes or walking on a carpet then touching a metal door-handle. For a discharge to occur two material need to rub together to build up the electro static charge. One of the materials is now positively charged and one is now negatively. The positively charge material now holds the electro static charge; when this meets a preferred material, the static is transferred and an ESD event occurs. Why should we prevent an ESD event? The heat from… Read more