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Our NEW Janitorial Range

Every company has the need for janitorial and cleaning equipment regardless of company sector or size. Our new category puts everything you could need together to make finding and buying cleaning and janitorial products easy. Cleanliness is importance in the workplace, both ensuring to keep germs at bay and reducing illnesses being spread throughout the workplace. Having a tidy and clean work environment can also increase productivity. Positives of a clean and tidy office: Reducing office injuries – Slips and falls are the most common office injuries. Having the correct cleaning equipment means all staff can clean up that spill… Read more

5 Alternative Uses for the BRUTE

5 Alternative Uses for the Brute

Here at Rubbermaid Direct2U, we understand that not every product will be bought to fulfil its intended use. So, we’ve decided to highlight the versatility of our best-selling utility waste solution: BRUTEs! 1. Black Round BRUTE Composting is a cost-effective, organic process that decomposes your waste and turns it into fertiliser for plants. This is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you put into your wheelie bin, and help your garden at the same time. Black Round BRUTEs can be a discreet addition to your gardening arsenal. Simply carve the bottom out and install a mesh grid… Read more

Rubbermaid Cleaning & housekeeping Carts: A Need To Know

Cleaning Carts Rubbermaid offer a huge range of cleaning carts which enhance the organisation, storing as well as transportation of cleaning supplies. Their smooth surfaces make them easy to clean with replaceable vinyl bags and non-marking castors. Cleaning carts keep your supplies organised whilst giving them mobility. Each cart has an optimum load to footprint ratio with large capacity and organisation for greater productivity. Additionally cost savings will occur.            Housekeeping Carts A housekeeping cart is very convenient for carrying laundry, clean linen and cleaning equipment. Each product by Rubbermaid is built with durability and functionality… Read more

Managing Recycling Waste Streams

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In a previous blog post we spoke about the importance and the need to recycle and with recycling rates falling as documented by The Guardian. We need to be more responsible with our waste and sorting into streams will certainly help to cut the recyclable waste going to landfill. Current targets of recycling waste from the UK households must be around 50% by 2020. Without a radical change, it is possible that the UK will meet these targets. Should there be more incentives to recycling in a throwaway and disposable culture? Why Should We Recycle? Increased waste is going to landfill… Read more