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Creating the Perfect Break Room for Your Employees

We all appreciate a little me time while we are at work. Whether your day is spent in front of a computer in an office, selling to customers on the shop floor, or running after children all day, having a good canteen space or break room to retreat to is essential. Not only does a great canteen area provide a comfortable place to spend your break time, it acts as a centre of socialising amongst employees and a great way to make friends at work. When creating or upgrading your previous break area, there’s no need to break the bank… Read more

Canteens, can they help your office?

Many companies forget the importance of a canteen and offering employees a place to eat and spend lunchtimes. Having an attractive canteen area can encourage staff to take their breaks and so increases effectiveness within the office. Importance of Work Breaks It is important that employees take break away from their work and computers. Working throughout breaks can in fact reduce effectiveness and increase stress levels. Taking break from work can help many aspects; Increase productivity – taking breaks can help employees to regain focus. By taking a lunch break the mid-afternoon slump that often happens can be reduced. Taking… Read more