5 Quick and Cost Effective Garage Storage Ideas for 2019

Do you constantly find your garage or workshop becoming disorganized and untidy?

Most garages or workshops become untidy as, in most cases, items are wrongly placed and stored on floors. Not only does this create tripping hazards, it also means your tools and equipment will become lost, damaged or inaccessible over time. This article aims to highlight the 5 most cost effective garage storage and space optimization tips to help you get clean, tidy and organised.

There are many garage storage systems on the market. Some which can be quite costly and often ineffective due to their impractical size and strength. Sometimes paired with poor manufacturing and cheap materials which are not fit for purpose.

Tip 1: Shelving and Racking

Our first tip to effective use of space within your garage is to use the area off the ground. This can be done with a good quality shelving or racking system, to clearly and neatly store items of many sizes, including heavy and bulky items as well as lighter and smaller items.

TUFF Shelving 200kg. Available individually or as a bundle deal
TUFF Shelving 200kg

Tip 2: Boxes and Containers

Clearly and logically store items. Firstly, you need to identify a suitable storage system for your needs. That might be tubs and boxes for small parts storage or larger containers and pallet boxes for heavier or bulkier items.

Storemaster Boxes and Lids
Storemaster Boxes and Lids

Tip 3: Labelling

It is all well and good investing the time in de-cluttering and reorganizing. But if you do not properly label box and container contents, as well as shelving locations you will find yourself spending large amounts of time searching for items, not to mention slowly getting back in to a similar mess that you may have been in originally. That is why we suggest using location signs and labels. These can be single use or reusable and are available in many colours and sizes to suit their end location.

Self Adhesive Label Holders
Self Adhesive Label Holders

Tip 4: Keep Safe

Once you get your work-spaces organised, it is important to keep as hazard free as possible. Some of the precautions you can take to minimize the risk of accident and extent of their damage with suitable access equipment and well stocked first aid kits, for example.

First Aid Dispenser Kit
First Aid Dispenser Kit

Tip 5: Keep It clean

Above and beyond all, keeping your garage clean will help ensure rubbish and unwanted clutter is responsibly disposed of. You can make this easier with a good quality bin. This might be a wheelie bin or sack holder, for example.

Mottez Mobile Steel Sack Holder
Mottez Mobile Steel Sack Holder

As you can now see. With careful consideration as well as minimal time and money, you can have a long lasting and user friendly garage storage system at your disposal. IF you have any questions regarding the best products for your needs, please get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team. Who will be more than happy to help.

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