Our NEW Janitorial Range

NEW Janitorial Category

Every company has the need for janitorial and cleaning equipment regardless of company sector or size. Our new category puts everything you could need together to make finding and buying cleaning and janitorial products easy.

Cleanliness is importance in the workplace, both ensuring to keep germs at bay and reducing illnesses being spread throughout the workplace. Having a tidy and clean work environment can also increase productivity.

Positives of a clean and tidy office:

  • Reducing office injuries – Slips and falls are the most common office injuries. Having the correct cleaning equipment means all staff can clean up that spill or sticky floor.
  • Improve professionalism – When suppliers or customers visit your business they don’t want to see an unclean workplace. This could affect the companies reputation .
  • Less stress – clutter can hep increase employee stress, which in turn reduces productivity.

Although the most effective way to have a clean office is to hire a cleaning service into your workplace, it is still important to provide cleaning products for anything that may need to be done throughout the day.

Offering a selection of cleaning products for staff to use will help to encourage staff to take responsibility for the cleanliness of the areas they use instead of leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. Some of the key equipment to provide includes, a vacuum, mops or floor cleaners, and cloths. Providing these items mean employees can wipe or mop up spills and vacuum if needed.

Office Kitchen Cleanliness

Kitchen Cleanliness

Any kitchen or canteen area, where food and drink preparation happens, are particularly important for hygiene and cleanliness. If no where else, you should provide cleaning supplies in these areas to allow to hygienic food preparation and seating areas.

View our new category of janitorial equipment, offering a range of cleaning equipment. Why not take a look and see what your company may need?

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