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BTCC Season 2017: Born To Perform

Born To Perform BTCC 2017

The MSA British Touring Car Championship kicks off this weekend at the historic Brands Hatch Indy circuit. The Kent race track has seen nail-biting action since the BTCC started racing there in 1958 and this year will see another season finale at the Brands Hatch GP. As proud sponsors of Eurotech Racing again this year, we will be championing the team all the way. The 2017 season started on the 16th March with a very successful Media Day. Eurotech Racing seized the opportunity to show off their new Honda Civic Type R’s. Their new signing Jack Goff also showed what… Read more

The Art of Efficient Packing

When time is of the essence, wrapping and cutting must become second nature in the art of efficient packing. At Direct2U, we understand the need to create efficient workspaces in the packroom. Workstations should take minimal space and materials should be located with ease, and dispensed quickly. Picking and packing is an essential part of the supply chain’s productivity. In the warehousing business, packing benches are rarely a one-size-fit-all affair. Making sure you have tailored elements and the correct accessories is vital to boost productivity. Materials such as bubble wrap, stretch film, kraft or corrugated paper, cartons, envelopes, tape, labels… Read more

Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits

Our Euroslide range has been in the spotlight quite often on our blog lately, and for good cause! The ideal combination of storage and functionality, Euroslide Cabinets are fully customisable to your needs. Designed for practical workshops and industrial applications, the Euroslide range focuses on creating ergonomic and efficient production areas. Our Drawer Cabinets are available as Static, Mobile, with castors or on stands. We have extended our range to Trolleys, Workbenches and Systemtek Bench Kits. Now we’re back to feature our new Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits! Why modular? Well we understand that over the years, workshops’ sizes and requirements… Read more

What’s on my Workbench?

When designing a workbench, there are a few questions to consider whilst doing so. What environment is the workbench going to be placed in? Is my industry going to need any specific accessories? What do I need on my workbench? Workbench Environment Some working environments will have specific requirements such as, do you need a packing bench? Is your area static safe, do you need a ESD workbench top? Static can have serious effects in electronic environments and precautions must be taken to ensure that these effects do not occur. If you have multiple workers at a desk would it… Read more