General Purpose Workbenches

What’s on my Workbench?

When designing a workbench, there are a few questions to consider whilst doing so. What environment is the workbench going to be placed in? Is my industry going to need any specific accessories? What do I need on my workbench? Workbench Environment Some working environments will have specific requirements such as, do you need a packing bench? Is your area static safe, do you need a ESD workbench top? Static can have serious effects in electronic environments and precautions must be taken to ensure that these effects do not occur. If you have multiple workers at a desk would it… Read more

As 2016 comes to close…

As another year comes to a close, Workbenches Direct2U would like to thank you for your continued support over the last year. As well as Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! With the launch of the new EuroSlide range and moving over to a responsive web design; we are excited for 2017 and what the new year can bring. But over the next week we are on shutdown and enjoying the festivities, closing 23rd December and re-opening 3rd January. If you can’t until then, you can still place orders through our website. However please bear in… Read more

Remember, Remember the 15th December!

REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 15TH DECEMBER! Are you planning to get some workbenches delivered before Christmas? Place your order on 5 Day Delivery items before midday on December 15 to avoid any disappointment! If you were wondering which best selling items are on a 5 Day Delivery lead: TUFF Value Heavy Duty Workbench Robust Workbench that can fit any budget, the TUFF Workbench comes in three sizes and has optional Anti-Fatigue Matting available for purchase. Heavy Duty Industrial Workbenches Ideal for applications such as engineering and manufacturing, these Workbenches can be manufactured with three different types of worktops. Look out for… Read more

Euroslide Systemtek – Workbench Systems

We had blogged about the Euroslide range in June and it has been six months of expanding our ever-growing range of modular workshop storage systems. Now we’re back to cast a spotlight on our Eursolide Systemtek range of Workbenches and Bench Kits. It’s the ideal marriage between storage and functionality, and it is fully customisable to your requirements too. If you haven’t seen our latest catalogue, you can view it online! Euroslide Systemtek Designed around functionality, Systemtek prioritises production and efficiency so that everything is at your fingertips! Systemtek workbenches are ideal as individual work centres or alongside other Euroslide cabinets, trolleys,… Read more