Industrial Workbenches

TUFF, Strong & Durable

TUFF, Strong & Durable Workbenches

TUFF, Strong & Durable: What Workbenches Should Be! When we source new workbenches for our TUFF range there are three characteristics that we look for – toughness, strength and durability. It is these three combined that make a workbench. Oh so often we hear stories of customers buying cheaper workbenches elsewhere and then come to us after a stronger replacement. By cheaper we don’t always mean in terms of price. We always strive to make our workbench prices competitive in today’s market. So, you won’t find workbenches much cheaper elsewhere. And one thing’s for sure we never compromise on quality…. Read more

What’s on my Workbench?

When designing a workbench, there are a few questions to consider whilst doing so. What environment is the workbench going to be placed in? Is my industry going to need any specific accessories? What do I need on my workbench? Workbench Environment Some working environments will have specific requirements such as, do you need a packing bench? Is your area static safe, do you need a ESD workbench top? Static can have serious effects in electronic environments and precautions must be taken to ensure that these effects do not occur. If you have multiple workers at a desk would it… Read more

Guide to: General Purpose Workbench Range

Guide to: General Purpose Workbench Range General purpose workbench is a term that gets thrown around a lot making it slightly confusing as to what it actually means. For us here at Direct2U, it literally means a workbench that you can use for most general purposes. As a workbench specialist we offer a whole host of workbenches designed for even the most unique of purposes from woodworking to electronics. Although we offer an extensive budget range, sometimes you need something slightly more robust and long lasting than a lower range workbench but also don’t need to pay over the odds for… Read more

Five Faves: New Industrial Workbenches

Here at Workbenches Direct2U we have been super busy scouting out new industrial workbenches ranges to add to our website. This month we have had an adding spree and added all our favourite new industrial workbenches and would like to share how fantastic they are with you. Here is a break down of our Top 5 Industrial Workbenches for May: 1. General Purpose – Square Tube Industrial Workbenches You may recognise these workbenches as something we’ve had on the site for a while, but now they’re better than ever. Along with the existing options of MFC and Laminate there are… Read more