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Packing Tables

Our Packing benches are made in the UK and ensure a high quality performance.

If you work in the packing industry, we have some great packing tables designed to meet any requirements you may need and we also cater to any industry! A Packing table is the best solution for saving time, space and money for workshops, warehouses and much more. They provide efficient packing and will help streamline and organise your packaging and shipping process.

Advantages of having Packing Benches at your workplace

  1.  Due to increased organisation when operating with packing tables, product flow will increase. This improves efficiency within your workplace.
  2.  If your workspace has limited space, the packing tables will ensure maximum floor space and save a cluttered working environment.
  3.  Using packing benches ensures correct packing for products which therefore decreases damage during storage and transportation.

What accessories do you need for my Packing Table?

Deciding what accessories you may need with the packing table can be an overwhelming experience. There are many different accessories to choose from Workplace products. One of our many options for packing workbenches are our Pack Tek range, which enables our customers to put together their perfect packing table. This allows you to meet your specific wants and needs. We offer a wide range of products that go had in hand with the packing tables.

Firstly, the Louvre Panels we offer are able to hold tool clips and different containers. This also maximises organisation because of the labels included per section. This allows customers to easily see what is in each compartment. We also have the roll holder which is perfect for efficient storage and creates wonderful, easy access for things like tape, tissues and wrapping paper. Another helpful accessory are cutting knives. Cutting knives ensure increased aesthetics within your workplace when needing to cut in straight lines. In addition, it saves time and hands when needing to find something quick and easy to cut things like paper.

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We do understand that shopping for packing tables and needing accessories can be intimidating. So, if you would prefer to making the shopping experience more smooth, you can shop our ready made kits. We have several such as our Despatch kits and Pack Tek kits as mentioned previously. All of our Despatch kits are suitable for factories, assembly and workshop areas. They are also UK manufactured so high quality is a guarantee. The Pack Tek Dual benches on the other hand have three leg frames for longer widths and can take heavy duty loads. The benches are suitable for seated or stranded work therefore ensuring flexibly. The bundle deals include everything you can think of and more!

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Contact us!

Should you need any more information on our Packing Table accessories and kits, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. They will be able to provide quotes, details on the products and any other queries you have.

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