Storing your Tools with Armorgard

Picture this: you are spending thousands on tools for your business and relying on good equipment for your day-to-day work. You leave the site/van for the day, having tucked your tools away, out of sight. The next morning, you come back to an empty tool box or to no tool box! You have been a victim of tool theft. Valuable tools and equipment are hard to replace, not to mention costly. It doesn’t have to be a dark cloud hanging over you. Securing your tools while you’re away is good insurance for your business. What good comes from having the… Read more

Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits

Our Euroslide range has been in the spotlight quite often on our blog lately, and for good cause! The ideal combination of storage and functionality, Euroslide Cabinets are fully customisable to your needs. Designed for practical workshops and industrial applications, the Euroslide range focuses on creating ergonomic and efficient production areas. Our Drawer Cabinets are available as Static, Mobile, with castors or on stands. We have extended our range to Trolleys, Workbenches and Systemtek Bench Kits. Now we’re back to feature our new Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits! Why modular? Well we understand that over the years, workshops’ sizes and requirements… Read more

Tool Storage – Outstanding Organisation

Do you know a messy garage or workplace owner? Do they leave tools lying around? Then look no further Workbenches Direct2U can show you the perfect solutions for tools storage that could also double up as perfect Christmas presents. Tool Boxes & Shelves Tool Boxes Professional grade tool boxes, that will not rust, dent, chip or peel. Providing organised storage with multiple compartments which keep tools and part organised even when transporting from location to location. For added security a padlock can be added to each tool box. Tool Chest Tool chests available in many different sizes and styles, will… Read more

Small Parts Storage: Organising your Workbench

How does your workstation look right now? Is it an altar of organisation where anything can be retrieved within seconds? Or is it a messy place where tools are rarely within reach when needed? Thankfully, there are so many ways we can keep our tools and small parts organised and maintain a tidy workstation. First, make an inventory of the tools and parts you own. This is an opportunity to clear out duplicates and outdated tools. Find out how you can store these elements, how often you intend to use them and how accessible you want them to be. Wall… Read more