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Height Adjustable Workbenches in 2021

Height adjustable workbenches blog

In a challenging 2020 for so many, we took the opportunity to develop some of our core ranges. One of which was our height adjustable workbench range. There’s new products, new variations and a new layout to explain – so we thought we’d reveal all in this blog! Height Adjustable Workbenches – What’s New? A great place to start is with our latest additions to the height adjustable workbenches range! We have two new products – the first is our Square Tube Height Settable Workbenches. This height adjustable workbench can adjust via leg inserts – from a range of 840… Read more

TUFF Heavy Duty Workbenches : New & Improved

tuff heavy duty workbenches thumnail

As always, we look to improve and develop our range of workbenches for our customers. But it’s perhaps a new concept that we’ve redesigned one of our core ranges! Our TUFF Heavy Duty Workbenches have always been a popular pick with customers. However, our design team have found a way to transform the TUFF Heavy Duty collection to one of the best performers in the market. What changes have we made? So, what TUFF Heavy Duty Workbench changes have we made? Well firstly, we’ve DOUBLED the weight load capacity. Our previous weight load maximum was 200kg UDL. Where as now,… Read more

Workbench Kits: Easy as 1-2-3

Workbench Kits: Easy as 1-2-3 At Workbenches Direct2U, we like to cater to the needs of all our customers. Our team of specialists have regular reviews to discuss what we can do to achieve this. This has often led to new products, new accessories and of course the best service and pricing we can offer. One example of this is with our Square Tube Industrial Workbenches. We’ve featured every worktop, size and accessories possible for our customers to design their perfect bench. However, we realise not all our customers want such a wide range of choice. For instance, choosing accessories… Read more

Setting Up Your ESD Workbenches

This article provides readers with a simple step by step guide to setting up an ESD Workstation. For more info on how to create a safe electric environment, please refer to our previous post here. Staying Protected and Reducing the Risk with ESD Workbenches To reduce the risk of static discharge igniting, there are standard devices to equip a workstation with. Known as anti-static devices. Such devices protect against static by preventing the build up of static electricity. Setting up your ESD Workbenches 1. Choosing Your Workbench  The first decision to make is the choice of anti-static workbench you need…. Read more