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Why Choose Height Adjustable Workbenches?

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Here at Direct2U Workbenches we are passionate about helping people and employers to raise their productivity levels! Now you can raise the bar with our height adjustable workbenches, all made here in the UK. We feature a wide range of options to benefit your workforce! Want to know more? keep reading for in an in depth dive into all things Adjustable Workbenches! What are the different types? Manually Adjustable Workbenches Firstly, we have our Square tube Height Settable Workbench, this enables you to set the height suited to the individual. This option is very cost effective and is the cheapest… Read more

Packing benches D2U – Accessories you need!

Packing Tables If you work in the packing industry, we have some great packing tables designed to meet any requirements you may need and we also cater to any industry! A Packing table is the best solution for saving time, space and money for workshops, warehouses and much more. They provide efficient packing and will help streamline and organise your packaging and shipping process. Advantages of having Packing Benches at your workplace  Due to increased organisation when operating with packing tables, product flow will increase. This improves efficiency within your workplace.  If your workspace has limited space, the packing tables… Read more

The 4 Key Things To Consider When Buying A Workbench

Key things to consider when buying a workbench

The 4 Key Things To Consider When Buying A Workbench Whether you’re looking for a garage workbench, a workshop bench or workbenches for your business – the considerations are the same. There are key features that will determine what workbench is right for you. But what are these key features I hear you ask? This blog will hopefully help answer that and help you choose a workbench right for you! These are the 4 key things to consider when buying a workbench. 1. What Environment is the Workbench needed for? First up, we have to think about the location of… Read more