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Setting Up Your ESD Workbenches

This article provides readers with a simple step by step guide to setting up an ESD Workstation. For more info on how to create a safe electric environment, please refer to our previous post here. Staying Protected and Reducing the Risk with ESD Workbenches To reduce the risk of static discharge igniting, there are standard devices to equip a workstation with. Known as anti-static devices. Such devices protect against static by preventing the build up of static electricity. Setting up your ESD Workbenches 1. Choosing Your Workbench  The first decision to make is the choice of anti-static workbench you need…. Read more

The Importance of ESD

The Importance of ESD

The Importance of ESD and creating a safe work environment. ESD is a huge area of study, it’s a concern for many and of very high importance. There’s lots to cover and this blog will only be the tip of the iceberg. First, let’s look at a definition of ESD or Electrostatic discharge: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) The sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, and electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. […] The ESD occurs when differently-charged objects are bought close together or when the dielectric between them breaks down, often creating a visible spark. Souce:… Read more

TUFF, Strong & Durable

TUFF, Strong & Durable Workbenches

TUFF, Strong & Durable: What Workbenches Should Be! When we source new workbenches for our TUFF range there are three characteristics that we look for – toughness, strength and durability. It is these three combined that make a workbench. Oh so often we hear stories of customers buying cheaper workbenches elsewhere and then come to us after a stronger replacement. By cheaper we don’t always mean in terms of price. We always strive to make our workbench prices competitive in today’s market. So, you won’t find workbenches much cheaper elsewhere. And one thing’s for sure we never compromise on quality…. Read more

Storing your Tools with Armorgard

Picture this: you are spending thousands on tools for your business and relying on good equipment for your day-to-day work. You leave the site/van for the day, having tucked your tools away, out of sight. The next morning, you come back to an empty tool box or to no tool box! You have been a victim of tool theft. Valuable tools and equipment are hard to replace, not to mention costly. It doesn’t have to be a dark cloud hanging over you. Securing your tools while you’re away is good insurance for your business. What good comes from having the… Read more