Why Choose Height Adjustable Workbenches?

Here at Direct2U Workbenches we are passionate about helping people and employers to raise their productivity levels! Now you can raise the bar with our height adjustable workbenches, all made here in the UK. We feature a wide range of options to benefit your workforce! Want to know more? keep reading for in an in depth dive into all things Adjustable Workbenches!

What are the different types?

Manually Adjustable Workbenches

Firstly, we have our Square tube Height Settable Workbench, this enables you to set the height suited to the individual. This option is very cost effective and is the cheapest in the range. With that being said, we ensure all of our workbenches are made to the highest quality. It is UK manufactured for maximum durability to last the test of time! This workbench features a 20mm thick laminate top, making it easy to clean with resistance to oil based substances. Not only this, but it is available in a wide range of depths and widths to suit a range of spaces.

Following on, our best selling Manual Height Adjustable Workbench which is made to order, right here in the UK! They are fully height adjustable with a manual hand crank making it easy to operate adjust the bench when required. Ideal for general purpose and light duty applications with a load capacity of 100kg UDL. It is perfect for assembly areas, light engineering and use in laboratories, making it easier for workers.

Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Workbenches

Do you require a heavy duty workbench? Our Heavy Duty Manual Height Adjustable Workbenches are ideal with a 200kg UDL load capacity. This can be custom to your needs, with a range of worktops and widths available. Below and above accessories can be easily added when purchasing. It is high quality and UK Manufactured, making it the perfect workbench addition!

Furthermore, If your needing something extra, our Binary Manual Height Adjustable Workbench is fully adjustable between 730-960mm. This makes it an ideal choice for shift work, with ease of height change simply with an Allen key. You can choose between a 30mm thick Laminate or 27mm Solid thick Beech worktop. Both are durable and compliment the sleek black powder coated finish framework.

Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches

Top of the range is our all Electric Binary Height Adjustable Workbench, featuring high spec steel construction and 240kg UDL load capacity. The workbench is adjustable between 660-1300mm and can be easily set to suit each individual. This makes it perfect for industrial use, in particular shift work to adjust to different users. It has high quality worktop options, including Laminate or Beech, and is available in 3 different widths to fit every space!

What are the benefits?

Safety & Productivity

For employers, the safety of your staff is upmost priority, for maintaining productivity and staff retention levels. Height adjustable workbenches increase productivity by reducing the physical strain on employees when working. Therefore, by investing in a strategically thought-of design, it allows you to protect the wellbeing of your staff. Whilst, maintaining the momentum of production.

Height Adjustable

In processes for assembly, employees are prone to repetitive strain injury, potentially making them unproductive. There is a key relationship between height adjustable and overall productivity. Our aim at Direct 2U is to support customers to achieve maximum productivity, reach optimum levels of production whilst improving well-being. Moreover, height adjustable provide this and are ideal for shift work, where different employees can alter the workbench height to suit their specific needs. For those carrying out multiple tasks, adjustable height variation may be required if stood up or sat down. Therefore, a height adjustable workbench would benefit the staff and make the work easier to complete with less strain.

Make It Bespoke

Worthwhile the investment, bespoke workbenches are custom to suit work needs and individual job roles. Because healthy employees are more productive, leading to shorter lead times and improved staff retention.

Lastly, not every production process is one size fits all, that’s why we specialise in bespoke workbenches. These can be customised to meet individual requirements and optimally tailored to individual workflows. We offer free site visits to establish your needs, and create your designs using our in house CAD experts to create something custom to you! At this stage, we will establish above and below bench accessories you require. Including brand colours, cupboards and drawers and height adjustability to find the right workbench for you! Our exciting range of accessories includes, Louvre panel, overhead shelving, lighting, fitted service ducts , support posts and much more!

Not sure what you require?

Contact our specialist team for free quotations or to arrange a site visit today! You can contact us via Live Chat or call us on 01922 715130!

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