Small Parts Storage: Organising your Workbench

How does your workstation look right now? Is it an altar of organisation where anything can be retrieved within seconds? Or is it a messy place where tools are rarely within reach when needed? Thankfully, there are so many ways we can keep our tools and small parts organised and maintain a tidy workstation. First, make an inventory of the tools and parts you own. This is an opportunity to clear out duplicates and outdated tools. Find out how you can store these elements, how often you intend to use them and how accessible you want them to be. Wall… Read more

Top 5 Workbenches 2016

Looking for the best workbench? Look no further as we have complied a list of top 5 workbenches just for you. From budget to premium ranges; workbenches can offer you everything you need for a workshop. 1.    Tuff Budget Workbench Tuff Budget Workbenches offers a strong workbench at an affordable price. The brand known for its durability and strength makes it an ideal industrial workbench. No assembly required, all you need is a rubber mallet as the framework simply slots together. Build the complete unit in 15 minutes. The chipboard worktop and shelf; manufactured from a sustainable source each have a UDL of 300KG. That’s an… Read more

Workbench Accessories Explained Pt. 2

Workbench Accessories: Below Bench As promised, this week we will explain the ins and outs of our most popular workbench accessory range, focusing on the below bench accessories. If you are looking for more in depth descriptions of above workbench accessories you can read our last post here. 1. Single Drawer Unit A single drawer unit is ideal for when minimal storage is required. They are a low cost and space saving solution for the usual odds and ends that need a home. Single drawer units are also ideal for storing small machinery when not in use and can be… Read more

New Product: Team Leader Workstations

Team Leader Workstations

Brand New range to Workbenches Direct2U – Team Leader Workstations This new range of workstations has been designed with Team Leaders, Supervisors or Line Managers in mind. People in these jobs often need a place to work or a place to discuss agendas and plans with colleagues for short periods of time. Yet, as we know, floor space in factories and warehouse is precious and not everyone will have a convenient meeting room they can pop into for 15 minutes. Team Leader Workstations solve this problem. Team Leader Workstations have a compact design, enabling you to save as much space… Read more