Packing Benches

The Art of Efficient Packing

When time is of the essence, wrapping and cutting must become second nature in the art of efficient packing. At Direct2U, we understand the need to create efficient workspaces in the packroom. Workstations should take minimal space and materials should be located with ease, and dispensed quickly. Picking and packing is an essential part of the supply chain’s productivity. In the warehousing business, packing benches are rarely a one-size-fit-all affair. Making sure you have tailored elements and the correct accessories is vital to boost productivity. Materials such as bubble wrap, stretch film, kraft or corrugated paper, cartons, envelopes, tape, labels… Read more

Workbenches | Packing Workbench Key Features

Packing Workbench

Packing Bench Breakdown This range of benches have been specifically designed for packing areas. Standard packing stations can be used as individual units or coupled together to form complete integrated assembly and packing areas. Accessories can be added to all workbenches in order to create a complete individual packing station. Drawers and cupboards can be custom placed anywhere along the length of the work station depending on users requirements and needs. Posts are fitted to the rear of workbenches to accept above work surface accessories such as; a shelf, paper holder, bin rail, below and upper bench roll holder, cutting… Read more