Height Adjustable

What’s on my Workbench?

When designing a workbench, there are a few questions to consider whilst doing so. What environment is the workbench going to be placed in? Is my industry going to need any specific accessories? What do I need on my workbench? Workbench Environment Some working environments will have specific requirements such as, do you need a packing bench? Is your area static safe, do you need a ESD workbench top? Static can have serious effects in electronic environments and precautions must be taken to ensure that these effects do not occur. If you have multiple workers at a desk would it… Read more

Getting Smart with Ergonomics

  Ergonomics: the science of defining the workplace, keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker Why choose ergonomics? If you make improvements to the work process and work space, you are decreasing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and increasing performance and productivity. A variety of risks contribute to Musculoskeletal injuries. Some of these risks are at the responsibility of the workplace and some lie with the responsibility of the worker. Ergonomics can make your employees more productive and efficient due to the job being designed for: good posture less exertion fewer motions better heights and reaches. Poor ergonomics can be contributing to… Read more

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Demanding work environments require equipment to suit every employee, and height adjustable workbenches are the ideal solution especially for assembly and production lines. Our range of height adjustable workbenches are ergonomically designed, ensuring correct posture when operating, consequently decreasing injuries at work. Height adjustable workbenches cater for both standing and seated use, meaning they can be adapted for a range of uses. Most workbenches that adjust in height offer a choice of 3 height adjustments, alley key adjustment, hand crank and electric adjustment. A full range of accessories is also available helping create unique workbenches depending on its use. You… Read more