Workbench Kits: Easy as 1-2-3

Workbench Kits: Easy as 1-2-3 At Workbenches Direct2U, we like to cater to the needs of all our customers. Our team of specialists have regular reviews to discuss what we can do to achieve this. This has often led to new products, new accessories and of course the best service and pricing we can offer. One example of this is with our Square Tube Industrial Workbenches. We’ve featured every worktop, size and accessories possible for our customers to design their perfect bench. However, we realise not all our customers want such a wide range of choice. For instance, choosing accessories… Read more

New products get the TUFF seal of approval

At Direct2U we have a Brand New and Exclusive range of TUFF workbenches which are excited to be the first to offer. The range has been in development for some months now. We got the inspiration and concept behind the range from our customers. When you said you want a cost effective workbench but still want it to be manufactured to a high quality then we were determined to source the product for you. For the last few months we have been designing and working with our factory based in the West Midlands, UK to create a range of value… Read more

Guide to: Modular Workshop Range

Guide to: Modular Workbench and Workshop Range Why go modular? If you have an awkward space or a specific image in your mind of the pieces you’d like to feature in your workshop, then this range is ideal for you. With a range of base units, upper cupboards and other accessories to choose from your workshop can be totally customised and kitted out to your bespoke requirements. We know that not all workshops need the same amount of workspace or storage and likewise, not every workshop are working within the same dimensions. With our modular range you can mix and match… Read more

Guide to: Drawer Cabinet Range

Why do I need a drawer cabinet? Our range of drawer units have all been designed with high load bearing drawers making them perfect for industrial and workshop use. Built with heavy tool storage, small parts and equipment in mind these drawers provide essential storage for factories, warehouses and all other workshops. Sealey Premier Drawer Cabinets From: £169.00 Sealey is an infamous brand in the workshop industry due to their quality assured products. All of their industrial cabinets featured on our website are manufactured to a high quality and are ideal for storing larger workshop items. Each unit is fitted… Read more