Why are these type of Warehouse Steps so popular?

We was asked recently by a then-potential now-turned-customer – “why are these particular warehouse steps with the domed feet so popular?”. So we thought we’d do a little tribute to the mobile steps that are quickly becoming a fundamental in most warehouse and workplace environments.

What are domed feet?

As shown in the images, this term refers to the feet of warehouse steps that feature round covers. These domes are providing protection and cover to the swivelling wheels that are attached to the steps. The term ‘spring loaded’ refers to the type of castors (wheels) attached. Castors stay fixed in to the ground when weight is applied – making the warehouse steps safe and immobile when in use. When weight is then took off the steps such as when you walk off them, the warehouse steps become mobile again.

Why these type of steps?

When buying warehouse steps people always require the basic functionalities – safe and sturdy steps for accessing out of reach materials. These type of steps provide these demands and additional advantages, such as their appearance. With domed covers, the warehouse steps look like they’re g l i d i n g across the floor. An aesthetically pleasing feature to have in a workplace. With the ease of movement – the steps can be promptly put in to position. In a fast-paced environment – we know this is essential.

Another great thing about domed feet is the enhanced durability they provide to the castors. In a productive workplace, steps are constantly on the move. In one working day, the steps risk bumps, travels over floor cracks and generally just dealt with a whole lot of wear and tear. Thanks to the covers, these types of warehouse steps have double rolled bottom edges with protective cover strips that assure protection with difficult surfaces such as carpets.

Who uses these mobile steps and where can you get them from?

Thanks to their great practicality, durability and appearance the warehouse steps are popular in various industries. The great colour options available means that customers can choose steps that are best reflective of their preferences. Here at Access Equipment Direct2u we currently have a handful of different products that feature dome castor covers. The latest addition being the Classic Warehouse Steps BS Range shown above, the first of it’s kind to be awarded the British Standard Kitemark.

If you’re after Warehouse Steps, be sure to check out our range here. We offer a comprehensive collection of warehouse steps. In addition to customer service that we hope ensures you have an easy shopping experience. Free UK Delivery. Live Chat Service available. Access Equipment Direct2u.

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