Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits

Our Euroslide range has been in the spotlight quite often on our blog lately, and for good cause! The ideal combination of storage and functionality, Euroslide Cabinets are fully customisable to your needs. Designed for practical workshops and industrial applications, the Euroslide range focuses on creating ergonomic and efficient production areas. Our Drawer Cabinets are available as Static, Mobile, with castors or on stands. We have extended our range to Trolleys, Workbenches and Systemtek Bench Kits. Now we’re back to feature our new Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits!

Why modular? Well we understand that over the years, workshops’ sizes and requirements grow. So, our range of Modular Kits are a great place to start and can later be extended with our individual modular components. In this blog post, we’d like to specify the individual modular components, recommend our most popular configurations based on previous project, and list accessories that would complement our kits!

Modular Components

Modular Solid Beech Work Surfaces

Our popular Beech Worktop complements our Euroslide range perfectly! A hard-wearing heavy-duty 40mm worktop that is durable and easily replaced or sanded down if damaged. Slid wood worktops are ideal for high impact work, as they are more resistant to sharp tools and repetitive motions. A suitable finish for all industrial applications, whether it is production or assembly.

Modular Tall Cupboard

An all-steel construction for secure storage of tools and equipment, the Modular Tall Cupboard comprises two units. The Base Cupboard comes with 3 adjustable shelves depending on your storage needs. The Top Cupboard is ideal for extra and additional storage. Both cupboards come with no-snag handles with 2-point locking and strengthened doors. An anti-bacterial painted finish acts as a final layer of protection.

Modular Wall Cupboard

Available as single or double doors, the Modular Wall Cupboard are manufactured to the same standards as the Modular Tall Cupboard. They come pre-drilled for easy nesting in our kits and therefore fit snugly against the wall for safe head space.

Euroslide Cabinets

We currently offer a very wide range of Euroslide Cabinets but for simplicity’s sake, we offer our three most popular configurations in this range of Modular Kits. Available in two widths, these Cabinets come as single or double door Cupboards, a combination of Drawers and Cupboards or four Drawers. Our unique Euroslide mechanism allows the full extension of drawers with precision ball race slides. The anti-tilt safety feature only allows a single drawer to be open at a time. Each drawer can accept a load of 100kg for heavy tools and equipment. A heavy gauge all-steel construction and central locking system make for extremely secure storage!

Modular Louvre Panels

For additional storage options, our kits come complete with louvre panels. Mounted onto walls, these create practical storage for small parts. These can accommodate all container sizes and accessories such as storage bins and baskets. Available in several widths and colours, these are a space saving solution for cramped workshops!

Euroslide Modular 9 Piece Workshop Kit

Our most popular kit configuration includes the best combination of these modular elements! Our Black powder-coated finish with White carcass makes for a sleek workshop interior. A single Modular Tall Cupboard for larger equipment and files, fitted to a 2100mm Solid Beech Work Surface for ample working space. Two 600mm and a single 900mm Drawer Cabinets mirror two single-door and a double-door Wall Cupboards. To wrap it up, a Black (to match, of course) Louvre Panel sits right above the Work Surface to accept all and any small parts. Individually priced, these modular components come to £2797.00 but you can save up to 10% by buying the complete Workshop Kit.

Range of Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits

We currently offer six other configurations that proved quite popular with our customers. Depending on your storage requirements, we offer a range of 5-piece to 10-piece kits. Of course, they are all available in our iconic Blue, Grey, Green and Red finishes in Grey Carcass or Black finish in White Carcass. As we manufacture these elements in house, any configuration can be customised and manufactured in bespoke corporate colours to match your workshop interiors. Simply speak to our sales team for more information!

Accessories to match Euroslide Modular Workshop Kits

All Euroslide Drawer Cabinets are constructed to accept the range of Euroslide Drawer Inserts for easy compartmentalisation. Simply verify the width and depth of each drawer and simply slide the inserts into the drawers! These are interchangeable so you can easily reorganize your drawers’ contents at any time.

Our range of Euroslide Trolleys and Mobile Cabinets are ideal as mobile storage and work centres. Available in four configurations, customise the Trolleys as well as Mobile Cabinets with a Beech worktop to match our Workshop Kits!

Add Louvre Bins or Baskets to your order for easy and safe access to your worktop tools and small parts.

Take breaks between long hours of standing by investing in Stools with Castors for quickly retrieving and storing task seating. Our range of Static Dissipative Stools are suitable for electronics industries. For example, you can handle small fragile electronic components.

If you require any other accessories, we can customise any kit to your needs! Get in touch for large orders, a site visit or a quotation or visit Workbenches Direct2U for our entire range of products.

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