Reach new heights with our warehouse steps

When it comes to heights, many of us stay grounded and miss out on the world above. Our warehouse steps can show you what the world looks like from 5m high. I’ll be frank, it’s not much of a difference. But what it does mean, your employee’s can now reach products on high shelves and access spaces that previously were inaccessible.

In factories, warehouses and store rooms they’re installing pallet racking that stand up to 6m high to store stock in a space saving manner. This means operators face a new struggle of reaching heights whilst ensuring their safety isn’t compromised. An easy solution are warehouse steps. But before the panic starts to set in, we’re here to help you decipher which warehouse steps will suit your requirements to a tee. 

Warehouse Step Guide – 2019

Welcome to our warehouse step guide, here you will find the expert advice you require to make the best decisions

Heavy Duty Warehouse Steps

In fast paced environments, we require something that is going to crumble under the pressure. Our TUFF Heavy Duty Warehouse Steps are manufactured from fully welded steel construction. With a max load of 120kg including the operator, they provide a reliable warehouse step.

Simple but effective Warehouse Steps

Sometimes, we just want something simple and easy to complete the task. Our TUFF Warehouse Steps provide this simplicity with a slimline design, they can be easily manoeuvred around facilities. With the ability to reach heights of 1.25m, they’re ideal for store rooms and offices that just can’t reach the top shelf.

The Classic – Warehouse Steps

One our best sellers and popular warehouse steps, the classic. These guys are popular for all the right reasons, with attractive colours, unique castor designs and the ability to reach 5m high. They provide users with an all round excellent warehouse steps. With the ability to upgrade your steps to our BS Range, we recommend these warehouse steps for all working environments.

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If this hasn’t helped at all and I’ve waisted 5 minutes of your time, then get in touch with our sales team.  But if it has, then welcome to the world of warehouse step. We hope you enjoy your steps and unlock your potential of reaching those hard to reach spots!

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