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Storing your Tools with Armorgard

Picture this: you are spending thousands on tools for your business and relying on good equipment for your day-to-day work. You leave the site/van for the day, having tucked your tools away, out of sight. The next morning, you come back to an empty tool box or to no tool box! You have been a victim of tool theft. Valuable tools and equipment are hard to replace, not to mention costly. It doesn’t have to be a dark cloud hanging over you. Securing your tools while you’re away is good insurance for your business. What good comes from having the… Read more

Euroslide Drawer Cabinets

Euroslide Drawer Cabinets What is Euroslide? Euroslide is a range of drawer cabinets that offer a versatile storage method. What’s so special about Euroslide drawer cabinets? Well, Euroslide are good because they are specifically designed to be tough and robust making them ideal for a number of applications including industrial and workshop environments. They are perfect for storing heavy and valuable tools and storing equipment safely. The cabinets have been specially designed to have high load bearing drawers. The technical stuff: Euroslide have heavy gauge all steel construction making them very strong cabinets. They have full width and full extension… Read more