TUFF, Strong & Durable

TUFF, strong and durable - what workbenches should be

TUFF, Strong & Durable: What Workbenches Should Be!

When we source new workbenches for our TUFF range there are three characteristics that we look for – toughness, strength and durability. It is these three combined that make a workbench. Oh so often we hear stories of customers buying cheaper workbenches elsewhere and then come to us after a stronger replacement. By cheaper we don’t always mean in terms of price.

We always strive to make our workbench prices competitive in today’s market. So, you won’t find workbenches much cheaper elsewhere. And one thing’s for sure we never compromise on quality. We’ll always do our best to offer a quality workbench at the right price. After all, we want you to have the best workbench for the job – that’s when we’ve done our job well!

So, here’s what we mean when we keep saying our workbenches are TUFF, strong and durable…

TUFF (tough)

You’ll see our TUFF brand on all popular exclusive products. The TUFF brand came to life back in 2010. And we don’t just brand any product ‘TUFF’. The product will have gone through vigorous testing by ourselves to make sure that:

  1. It’s a high quality product – manufactured from good raw materials.
  2. That it is well made and built – and if on site assembly is required it is easy to do this.
  3. That the price is now, and always will be, competitive.

Wherever you see the TUFF brand on our products you can be assured that we are confident in that product.


What do we mean when we say our product is strong? In relation to workbenches we are almost always referring to how it’s manufactured and the quality of the raw materials used. But the strength of a workbench also means how much load capacity it will hold. All our workbenches are weight load tested and are given a maximum capacity UDL. Make sure to take note of the UDL as many of our budget benches even have weight capacities up to 300kg.


Last but by no means least what do we mean when we say durable? Well type this into Google and the definition of durable is “able to withstand wear, pressure or damage; hard-wearing” and I’m not sure we could sum it up any better. When we speak about the durability of a product it is our promise that the product will withstand daily wear and tear. Even when you put our products to the test they will withstand almost everything you throw at them (not literally and of course within reason!).

Therefore, when you buy from Direct2U you’ll receive a minimum of a 1 Year Guarantee on your purchase. Our 1 year guarantee is against defective workmanship or materials. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that if the product is faulty we will replace it – with no quibble and no extra cost.

TUFF Favourites

#1 – TUFF Heavy Duty Workbenches

#1 TUFF Heavy Duty Workbenches

Sometimes affectionately referred to as the ‘old school’ or ‘traditional’ TUFF bench internally; this is one of our favourites as well as our customers. It never fails to please. The range includes a wide variety of configurations from a basic workbench to a bench with plentiful storage.

Key Points:

  • Heavy duty framework
  • 40 mm thick solid beech worktop
  • 200kg load capacity (UDL)
  • Variety of configurations
  • 2 widths
  • Easy assembly
  • 3 Day Delivery

#2 – TUFF Heavy Duty Budget Workbenches

#2 TUFF Value Heavy Duty Workbenches

This bench had been around a while and to date is one of our best selling workbenches. It’s quality all steel construction ensures that it’s suitable for most heavy duty applications. The end frames are manufactured from 50 x 50mm box section and then fully welded to add more strength and rigidity.

Key Points

  • Manufactured from 50 x 50mm steel box section
  • 20mm thick MDF worktop
  • Available in 3 widths
  • Available with or without a lower shelf
  • 250kg load capacity (UDL)
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 5 Day Delivery

#3 – TUFF Budget Workbenches

#3 TUFF Budget Workbenches

This is one of the latest additions to the TUFF family. And it has proven to be very popular. It’s a budget workbench with an upright construction which simply slots together – no nuts and bolts required. The benefits to this is that the bench can be re-configured if needed and quickly disassembled.

Key Points

  • Easy to build in just 15 minutes
  • Boltless framework simply slots together
  • Chipboard worktop and lower shelf
  • Worktop and shelf have a 300kg load capacity (UDL) each
  • Available in 3 widths
  • 2 Day Delivery

Want to see more from the exclusive TUFF brand? Download our new TUFF product catalogue here.

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