A New Look for Security Seals Direct2U

Security Seals Direct2U Responsive WebsiteA while ago, we began the long but rewarding process of making our Direct2U websites responsive. We gradually tested and improved their design, functionality and added more features that would make your experience on our websites a pleasant one. And so, we’re pleased to report that the latest website to receive a facelift is Security Seals Direct2U!

This means that you can now access our range of products on any mobile device. Whether you are browsing on your personal tablet, smartphone or closing the deal on your work laptop or desktop. Our products and content will fit whichever device you visit us on, and will be accessible within a few taps or clicks! We’ve been working hard to improve the content on our sites to make your browsing experience as smooth as possible.

Watch this space for more updates on our websites, as we add newer functionalities and features. We hope you find the change as refreshing as we do. For those unacquainted with our Security Seals Direct2U site, here is a quick overview of what you can find on there:


Barrier Seals & Bolt Security Seals

Heavy duty security seals designed to seal cargo in transit, these seals show any evidence of tampering. Made for a one-time use on shipping containers, trucks, rail cars and freight!


Fixed Length & Variable Length Plastic Seals

While fixed length seals offer more room to work with on vehicle doors, you can secure variable length seals by pulling to the required length. Both seals can be easily broken, but provide evidence of tamper, and can be paired with seals of higher security.

overseas transport

C-TPAT Seals for Worldwide Export

If you are looking at security seals designed for the export of goods, C-TPAT seals are tested & certified to the latest ISO 17712 standard.

utility meters

The ZipPack Range & Special Purpose Seals

For cash in transit and other smaller valuables, view our range of ZipPack products secured with a specific ZipLock seal. Utility meters, taxi meters, telecommunications will find sealing solutions in our Special Purpose Seals.

That’s it for our website update! Take a look at our updated and refreshed site: Security Seals Direct2U

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