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What is ESD and How Does it Effect your Workplace?

Evie the Elf

What is ESD? Electrostatic discharge; when two objects come into contact creating a release of static energy. Everyday examples include: after tumble drying clothes or walking on a carpet then touching a metal door-handle. For a discharge to occur two material need to rub together to build up the electro static charge. One of the materials is now positively charged and one is now negatively. The positively charge material now holds the electro static charge; when this meets a preferred material, the static is transferred and an ESD event occurs. Why should we prevent an ESD event? The heat from… Read more

How to Choose a Scissor Lift Table

How to choose a scissor lift table

Scissor Lift Tables get their name from the shape of the scissor mechanism under the work platform, but the industry term for them is a ‘MEWP’ or Mobile Elevated Work Platform. They are an incredibly versatile tool that can serve in many applications. If you are considering investing in one, it’s worthwhile to look at how this powerful tool can benefit you! So, what is a scissor lift table? Well, you can use it to reach materials or objects at a height or lifting loads and heavy goods. It can help protect your back during the safe movement of bulky… Read more

Have you Heard About AluTruk?

AluTruk Sack Truck

Deciding which sack truck is perfect for your needs and workplace is a difficult task. Trucks and Trolleys Direct2U are here to help; introducing the NEW AluTruk range from BIL. When you choose AluTruk you can expect: Quality, Innovation, Service and Flexibility. Each AluTruk is hand built to order and modular. Why choose AluTruk? AluTruk provide high quality magnesium alloy die-casting; the alloy used is chosen for its high durability, strength and corrosion resistance, vital for manual handling products. Increased temperature resistance due to the material being less brittle Far more impact resistant then similar aluminium models With height to… Read more