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General Purpose Workbenches at Great Prices!

General Purpose W

Workbenches for all general purpose applications are now discounted with 25% off trade prices! If you require a workbench suitable for general purpose or domestic uses then, a general purpose workbenches may be perfect for you. These workbenches are available with two different work tops: the MFC top and the laminate top, both of which are designed for specific applications. The workbenches are also available in a range of sizes from 900 L x 600 W (mm) to 1800 L x 900 W (mm), with every workbench having a standard height of 840 mm. If alternative heights are required it… Read more

Benefits of an ESD Workbench

ESD Workbench

The basic concept behind the design of an ESD workbench is to ensure materials and personnel are at the same electrical potential. Electrostatic discharge (the rapid and sudden transfer of electricity usually in the form of a spark) occurs when two objects at different electrical potentials come in contact or in the proximity of each other. If this is to occur it can be dangerous for personnel and damage parts and materials. The use of an ESD workbench should provide some protection against this, keeping personnel, components and devices safe. The key element to an ESD workbench is the use… Read more

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Demanding work environments require equipment to suit every employee, and height adjustable workbenches are the ideal solution especially for assembly and production lines. Our range of height adjustable workbenches are ergonomically designed, ensuring correct posture when operating, consequently decreasing injuries at work. Height adjustable workbenches cater for both standing and seated use, meaning they can be adapted for a range of uses. Most workbenches that adjust in height offer a choice of 3 height adjustments, alley key adjustment, hand crank and electric adjustment. A full range of accessories is also available helping create unique workbenches depending on its use. You… Read more

Mobile Workbenches – A Great Workplace Solution!

¬†Mobile workbenches are ideal for all general and heavy duty applications! Mobile workbenches may be the best type of workbench for your work place, ideal for factories and workshops as well as many other work environments they can be moved from area to area and different departments, enabling employees to take their work station, tools and parts with them. Workbenches Direct2U feature numerous mobile workbenches including MDF work top workbenches, steel industrial fully mobile workbenches and mobile steel tool workbenches. Part of the mobile and semi-mobile workbench collection is the MDF work top mobile workbench. This workbench has a 40… Read more