10 FAQ’s Answered: Wheelie Bin Edition

Today we are answering all your Googled FAQ’s around wheelie bin do’s and don’ts! Continue reading to get all your FAQ’s answered in one place! According to the Department for Environmental Food & Rural Affairs it is estimated that the UK generated 43.9 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste in 2018 (latest figures). So, its worth checking out!

Q1: Can I buy my own wheelie bin?

Yes, due to increased waste in the household from product packages, and food waste, it now might be time to purchase yourself an extra bin to keep tidy! Our most popular are our TUFF wheelie bin range. Most popular than others, because they conform to EU standards EN840. They are made from strong Polyethylene, in accordance with UK council regulations. Our TUFF Wheelie Bins are also resistant to Acid and Alkaline solutions, fungi, bacteria and washing materials. They are fitted with two 200mm wheels and a built in handle. All can be used by standard DIN and AFNOR lifting equipment.

Q2: How can I hide my wheelie bin cheaply?

Hiding your wheelie bin can be done easily and cheaply. It is ideal to provide a practical storage solution, especially for large families with recycling. Many wish to disguise their unsightly bright council bins, making them more aesthetically pleasing in your environment. But, it can also have some additional benefits:

  • Keeping them out of sight until bin collection day
  • Keeping wildlife at bay such as foxes, rats
  • Weather resistant preventing them from falling over
  • Environmentally friendly wooden storage
  • Prevents unauthorised access with locks
  • Different sizes and configurations to fit your needs (see below)
  • Organises recycling or bin sheds for your garden

Q3: What is a British Standard wheelie bin size?

In the UK, the standard council bin size is 240 Litres. The typical dimensions for a bin this size are: 107cm Height x 58cm Width x 74cm Depth.

Q4: What is the difference between 240L and 140L wheelie bin?

In regards to 140- litre wheelie bins, typically it can hold up to 2 black bin bags, with a load up to 55kg. Meanwhile, the standard 240-litre, accommodates you for up to 5 filled bin bags, carrying up to 95kg. Therefore it is all dependant on the amount of household waste you produce, and how often your council collects.

Here at Direct2U, we offer a wide range of sizes for all your household or commercial business needs. If its something larger your after for big home projects, business needs, or to ice bath in, we have the one for you! (see our size range image below).

Sizes include:

  • 50 Litre
  • 120 Litre
  • 240 Litre
  • 360 Litre
wheelie bin dimensions

Q5: Is using someone else’s wheelie bin illegal?

You may laugh, but these instances are quite common! So, if you’re thinking of stealing your neighbours wheelie bin, think again… It is classed as a form of anti-social behaviour. Therefore, yes it is technically illegal.

If this has happened to you, where your bin has been hijacked, you have options if you want to take it further. You can report it to the police, and claim on your home insurance if you wish, but the council cannot take any action. Although, you are able to notify your local council and request a replacement!

Q6: Why are wheelie bins in different colours?

There are many reasons behind having multiple colour options of wheelie bins. At Direct2U we sell a wide range of colours to suit individual needs. Most purchase additional bins in different colours to organise and separate their waste into recycling/non, garden etc.

Here are their most common purposes:

  • Black : Normally these are used for general household waste and rubbish. Many council bins are often this colour.
  • Green : The second most popular is our TUFF 240 Litre Wheelie Bin in Green. Which people generally use for garden waste and recycling. These are becoming more common, as we all make the effort to help the environment. Often people may purchase an additional one for garden projects, where the council do not come often enough to collect the waste.
  • Blue :Mostly used for household and commercial business recycling waste. This includes items like paper, card, drinks and food cans.
  • Yellow: Some local councils use wheelie bins for the collection of waste. The majority are those from hospitals, GP surgeries, or health centres. This is because yellow wheelie bins typically are for the storage of clinical waste.
  • Red : Generally used by some councils to collect mixed recyclables. Such as plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminium and glass. In some parts of the UK red wheelie bins are used to collect food waste.
Waste Bin Colours

Q7: Are you allowed to decorate your wheelie bin?

Yes. It is common for people to personalise by adding their house name, or number onto wheelie bins. This is primarily for the council to identify the bin and return it to the right house! If separating your waste, decorating your wheelie bin in codes, or names of what’s inside is a good way to keep waste organised. You can purchase wheelie bin stickers here, so start decorating your wheelie bin!

Q8: How many bags can you fit in a wheelie bin?

Generally, as a guide if your using 65 litre rubbish bin bags, you can fit around 3 bags in a 120-litre bin. In comparison, a 240-litre bin can hold around 4 bin bags. Lastly, 360-litre fits a staggering 6 bags in, ideal for larger families or businesses who produce more waste.

Q9: How many rubbish bins should I have?

Today, the majority of people require extra storage for waste, and is really dependant for how much rubbish you get through and your needs. Many keen gardeners require extra storage for garden rubbish, so having an extra wheelie bin or two is handy. In addition, they have universal uses you, can organise your recycling then the next day you may decide to have an ice bath in one!

Read some of the benefits of owning our TUFF wheelie bin range:

  • They are easy to manoeuvre and put out on collection days. All our TUFF Wheelie Bin Range has easy glide manoeuvrable wheels.
  • They have less potential to cause injury to yourself or employees.
  • They organise the home and work environment by removing clutter.
  • Keeps your rubbish tidy, out of view and protected from weather elements.
  • Can be colour coded to make recycling and identification easy.

Q10: Where can I buy extra wheelie bins from?

At Direct2U, we sell a full range of different sizes and colours to suit wheelie bin needs! All our bins are affordable, with additional accessories and storage options available with next day delivery. Click here to view our range!

Looking for something specific?

If you require any additional information, you can contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to help!

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