Wheelie Bin Ice Baths: The New Craze!

What Actually is an Ice Bath?

The new trend in the fitness industry well-known as the Wim Hoff Method of cold-water immersion or referred to as Cryotherapy. It is a renowned treatment favoured amongst famous athletes such as Andy Murrey and Jessica Ennis-Hill for some time. Essentially, it is where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes in a bath-like container, boasting rejuvenating benefits. Above all, this technique is ideal for marathon runners, some much needed post gym relief or as part of your mindfulness routine. This blog will discuss how many people are now using the Wim Hoff Method at home…with Wheelie Bin Ice Baths!

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Not convinced? Read more about the benefits before taking a cold dip

But First…What Are The Benefits of an Ice Bath?

  1. Eases sore and aching muscles
    – Studies show ice baths are an active form of recovery to relief muscle soreness and tiredness. This can help in aiding and preventing DOMS. Similarly, after a tough session running or in the gym increasing your recovery rate in a cost effective way ahead of your next training session or competition.
  2. Improved mental health
    – Along with physical health benefits, studies found it to improve signs of depression. During ice baths, the body releases endorphins aiding the hormonal build up in the body. This makes it an effective addition to your mindfulness routine whilst improving mental toughness. Mentally investing in the process is benefitable in improving mood and well-being. A study found the positive expectations around what they can achieve from ice baths can give a placebo effect.
  3. Reduced inflammation
    – During the ice baths sensation is reduced, aiding as a numbing effect for swelling and pain in the body, since reducing blood flow to the swelling areas. This is a low-cost method ideal to treat trauma injuries and aid injuries with athletes by limiting inflammatory responses.
  4. Increases energy and De-stresses
    – When immersing yourself into the chilly water, this has a pretty big effect on hormone levels which improves focus and awareness. Regular dunking in the ice baths stimulates and conditions the valgus nerve which can help relieve and manage stress better therefore improving your mood clear the mind.
  5. Aids immune system and decreases body heat
    – Evidence shows ice baths can improve responses in the immune system while increasing antioxidants and other bacteria fighting cells. This form of body conditioning is ideal for keen marathon runners especially in warmer climates. An ice bath before a long race can reduces the core body temperature by a few degrees, therefore improving performance.

How Can I Have an Ice Bath at Home?

Hundreds of homeowners are now setting up their own ice baths…through the use of wheelie bins! It’s no surprise, for this to work you first need to purchase your wheelie bin. Wheelie bin ice baths are a cheap and affordable alternative, which allows you to try it out in the comfort of your own home and make it part of your daily fitness routine.

For those keen runners or gym goers it is essential to make sure your hips and lower body is under to get the best affect. Remember to measure up before you buy to choose the size which fits you.

The biggest test is the first 4 seconds of dunking yourself in your wheelie bin, as you might get a shock to the system.

Secondly, fill up your wheelie bin enough to cover the majority of your body, and add 2-5 bags off ice cubes.

Submerge into the water for 15 minutes maximum on the timer, as research shows this is most effective to get the most out of your session. This can be built up over sessions.

Lastly, post ice bath put your warm clothes and a towel near by as you might feel numb. Remember to move slowly and keep a chair nearby you to rest and avoid falling. Moreover, a hot drink nearby will warm up your core temperature at a faster rate.

Fancy a taster? Click here to check out some Wheelie Bin ice bath challenges!

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Tips on getting in

  • Jump right in, take a deep breath and fully submerge yourself, as slowly getting in can make you feel worse.
  • If you struggle with the cold, first ease yourself in with just cold water, gradually adding more ice each time, helping you commit to the process at your own pace.
  • Don’t forget your cuppa! It might help to have a warm drink near by while you’re in your ice bath to ease the cold.

Disadvantages of Wheelie Bin Ice baths

It’s important that we clarify that although wheelie bins are a handy and cheap option for ice baths, it is not their intended use. Therefore, if you are to purchase a wheelie bin to use as an ice bath, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure their safety.

As well as this, it is important to also consider the drawbacks before having your own ice bath and should be avoided for certain people. For instance, with respiratory issues with heart, blood pressure or circulation problems may not be safe, and should consult with a doctor first. This also applies for being pregnant or diabetic.

For those safe to go ahead, it is suggested to set a timer to not only track your progress, but ensure your not staying in over the 15 minute period. This could put you at risk of Hypothermia, where the body temperature drops below 35°C. The sudden drop in temperature can affect some of your vital bodily functions.

Be aware for these signs of hypothermia:

  • Shivering
  • Pale, cold, dry skin
  • Blue-tinged lips and skin
  • Slurred speech
  • Slow breathing
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion

Unsure what Wheelie Bin you need?

Thanks for reading our blog! To sum up, wheelie bin ice baths are a great alternative with maximum benefits. Click HERE to view our latest Wheelie Bin Dimensions Guide to help with choosing the correct size. We sell a wide variety of sizes for your wheelie bin ice baths. Including our 50 Litre Small Wheelie Bins120 Litre Wheelie Bins240 Litre Wheelie Bins and 360 Litre Wheelie Bins.

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