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Waste Separation – 2015 Waste Regulations

Waste Separation – 2015 Waste Regulations The 2015 waste regulation saw a change in how businesses have to separate and dispose of their waste. The implementation of the waste regulation was to improve the recycling quantity and quality with the UK, while also helping the environment. Businesses are now required to separate their waste into general waste and dry mixed recyclables (paper, plastic and glass). Ensuring all employees can access the serparated bins is key to encouraging staff members to get involved in recycling and separating their waste. 2015 Waste Regulations – The options: There are 3 options available to… Read more

Office Recycling: How to Reduce Waste and Recycle.

Recycling and waste reduction is the hot topic right now, as a result of the government announcing their restrictions on sales of plastic straws and cotton wool buds alongside the complete ban of plastic stirrers by 2020. In addition, businesses are starting looking at how they can help reduce their waste. But how can businesses help with the plastic problem in the workplace? Ultimately, by reducing waste and encouraging your office to recycle. Getting your office recycling and reducing waste isn’t as difficult as you may think! Steps to reduce office waste; Become Paperless. Becoming a paperless company means only… Read more

Mid-Year Recycling Bin Picks [July 2017]

Mid-Year Recycling Bin Picks

Summer is hitting us hard in the West Midlands. We’ve entered the second part of the year [since July 2] but the temperatures don’t seem to be dropping! That’s bad news for your bins, with more unwelcome noxious smells filling our nostrils & interiors stained from simmering liquids and debris. The heat doesn’t help much with inspiring us to get up and empty our bins as often. The only tried and tested solution we could find was to divide and conquer, and by that we mean recycling. Waste segregation is not only good for the planet [less waste dumped in… Read more

Neighbourhood Recycling Watch

Neighbourhood Recycling Watch: In Adelaide, Australia there are many things to be feared; venomous spiders, dangerous snakes and now… the dreaded sad face sticker. Councils across Adelaide are despatching inspectors to brand people’s wheelie bins and those who are found with incorrect rubbish in bins will be tarnished with a sad faced sticker. Recycling Police – Why? The council believe that by alerting residents to their mistakes it will educate them better. The aim of the scheme is not to embarrass or punish anyone, but to teach residents about which waste is recyclable and which is organic. The stickers started appearing this… Read more