Global Recycling Day – Tips to Recycle!

Global recycling day- tips to recycle

What is Global Recycling Day? The Global Recycling Day began in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate the importance recycling plays in preserving our resources. To secure a greener future for the planet, we have looked into the top tips for recycling. The day is a reminder of the mission to tell world leaders that it is taken seriously, and to ask people across the globe to consider the planet as a resource we have to manage and nurture! You can get involved using the hashtag #RecyclingHeroes! Top Tips to Recycle like a pro! Segregate waste with colours🎨 Our wheelie… Read more

Direct2U Wheelie Bins ~ for all your needs

Could you really live without them? Admittedly wheelie bins are not the most luxurious or glamorous of items. But they serve a vital purpose, and we should give them more credit. They are truly the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. So, what are they constructed of, and why are Direct2U wheelie bins’ so long-lasting and dependable? Let us tell you about it! Great for strong weather conditions. Our TUFF Wheelie Bins are made from Polyethylene (EU standards EN840). This means that it is ideal for outdoor use and exceptionally resistant to cracks, dents and bends. Allowing it to withstand… Read more

Underground Bins: The End for Wheelie Bins?

Underground Bins: The End for Wheelie Bins?

A new system for collecting waste & recycling is on the horizon, and Cambridge is the first one that has taken a step towards that future! The north-west Cambridge development decided to take on an ambitious project: 450 Underground Bins across 155 sites in Cambridge. The new project aims to serve residential homes for universities, commercial & community facilities. When completed in the next decade, this system will eliminate the need for 9000 wheelie bins in the district of Eddington alone. Could this mean this end of wheelie bins? Origins of the Wheelie Bin Wheelie Bins have been part of… Read more

5 Tips for Recycling in a Small Space

As recycling becomes a norm in our day-to-day lives, it takes up a lot of our energy to not become complacent and revert to old habits! In a recent DEFRA report, levels of waste recycled in 2015 have dropped for the first time since 2011. One of the obstacles to an ideal waste management system is the amount of space that is available to us. A cramped and small space makes recycling an unsightly chore that we’d rather skip. Saving ourselves the trouble of finding some space for glass, paper and plastic waste, and of emptying it, is much more… Read more