Global Recycling Day – Tips to Recycle!

Global recycling day - tips to recycle

What is Global Recycling Day?

The Global Recycling Day began in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate the importance recycling plays in preserving our resources. To secure a greener future for the planet, we have looked into the top tips for recycling. The day is a reminder of the mission to tell world leaders that it is taken seriously, and to ask people across the globe to consider the planet as a resource we have to manage and nurture! You can get involved using the hashtag #RecyclingHeroes!

Top Tips to Recycle like a pro!

Top tips to recycle like a pro!

Segregate waste with colours🎨

Our wheelie bins are available in a variety of colours, ideal for organising your waste for easy sorting. In large families or residential homes, this is especially important to keep waste separate to help the environment!

Having additional wheelie bins on hand ensures there is enough waste storage to prevent litter and potential rodents. Let’s run through the different colours available and their general uses.

  • Red wheelie bin: Generally used by councils to collect mixed recyclable waste. Includes plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminium, and glass.
  • Green wheelie bin: Ideal for gardening and outdoor projects, and is generally given by councils for garden waste collection
  • Dark grey wheelie bin: Our best-seller is ideal for general waste and is council approved for collection!
  • Blue wheelie bin: This is mostly used for household and commercial business recycling waste. This includes items like paper, card, drinks and food cans.
  • Yellow wheelie bin: Typically used by hospitals, GP surgeries, or health centres for clinical waste.

Check before you Recycle♻️

Sorting your recycling properly and knowing what waste can go where, can impact the recycling process. Ensuring you are putting away the waste in the right bin ensures the further life of a product. Some waste is segregated for reconstruction in the future for sustainability! For instance textiles, electricals, pots and pans can end up in household bins causing problems later in the recycling process.

So, anything you are unsure about you can check those items here for accurate recycling methods.

Lids on, film off🍝

Something we rarely think about is the recycling facilities handling our unwanted waste. Keeping lids on plastic bottles helps ensure they don’t slip through tricky machinery. In addition, plastic film cannot be recycled as it sticks to machinery, interfering with the process. Therefore, make sure to remove plastic film from bottles, tubs and trays before recycling your items.

Make sure they are empty, clean & dry!🫧

When cleaning, scrubbing or sterilising isn’t necessary. But, ensuring waste is clean from food residue is essential. It needs to be free from residue, to ensure it doesn’t contaminate other materials. Moreover, you can rinse plastics of any food and left to dry before recycling & collection day!

Choose the right size for you!🚮

We understand, not everyone has the same household size or amount of waste. That’s why we have wheelie bins ranging from 50 Litres to 360 Litres. Our best-seller and most common wheelie bin is the 240 Litre as it is typically the size of councils for collection. Need a wheelie bin for residential homes, or commercial waste? Check out our 4 wheeled wheelie bins for maximum waste storage from 550-1100 Litres.

How can Recycling help the Environment?

Recycling helps the environment by reducing the need for extracting, refining and processing. This includes mining, quarrying and logging. It reduces the processing of raw materials, which creates air and water pollution. In turn, this saves energy which reduces greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change. Check here to recycle your waste correctly!

There are various myths surrounding recycling, such as “There is no point recycling, it doesn’t make a difference”. In actual fact, recycling stops tones of waste from burial in landfills. Recycling saves about 10-15 million tones of carbon emissions each year in the UK. This is the equivalent of taking 3.5 million cars off the road.

but, what happens to your waste?💭

Watch this video to find out what happens to your recycling!

Multi-purpose Wheelie bins!

Although plastic, wheelie bins can be sustainable as they are multi-purpose. Wheelie bins are ideal for green fingered gardeners to store extra garden waste in-between collection day. They can even be used for composting!

A weird and wonderful use of a wheelie bin is ice baths… You can fill your wheelie bin up for cold submerge into the water, to showcase your inner Wim Hoff! This is a cost-effective alternative to buying an ice bath and promotes amazing health and mindfulness benefits. Click here for some inspiration!

You can use wheelie bins in a variety of ways, but easy cleaning and assembly is essential! That’s why our wheelie bins are built from Polyethylene, this can be easily washed down for maintenance. Making them durable against bacteria and dirt found in waste.

Looking for something specific?

Got an upcoming project? or need some advise… Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team via Live Chat for any questions you may have on our best-selling range! Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01922 715130.

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