Waste Bins

Commercial Kitchen Bins for a Better Workflow

Commercial Kitchen Bins

Kitchen bins are a seemingly small yet essential aspect of running a food business smoothly. Waste in the kitchen can accumulate faster than you think! Your daily produce delivery is in? Bin the packaging. Employees prepping ingredients for the day? Bin the peelings. Waiting staff sending plates back for dishwashing? Bin the scraps. The food industry creates waste at every step. Why is a waste management system important? Catering, food production, food preparation, retail, restaurants, pubs, cafes, or fast food shops. What do these businesses and venues have in common? They most likely all run a kitchen, and handle food… Read more

5 Tips for Recycling in a Small Space

As recycling becomes a norm in our day-to-day lives, it takes up a lot of our energy to not become complacent and revert to old habits! In a recent DEFRA report, levels of waste recycled in 2015 have dropped for the first time since 2011. One of the obstacles to an ideal waste management system is the amount of space that is available to us. A cramped and small space makes recycling an unsightly chore that we’d rather skip. Saving ourselves the trouble of finding some space for glass, paper and plastic waste, and of emptying it, is much more… Read more

Mid-Year Recycling Bin Picks [July 2017]

Mid-Year Recycling Bin Picks

Summer is hitting us hard in the West Midlands. We’ve entered the second part of the year [since July 2] but the temperatures don’t seem to be dropping! That’s bad news for your bins, with more unwelcome noxious smells filling our nostrils & interiors stained from simmering liquids and debris. The heat doesn’t help much with inspiring us to get up and empty our bins as often. The only tried and tested solution we could find was to divide and conquer, and by that we mean recycling. Waste segregation is not only good for the planet [less waste dumped in… Read more

Waste Wednesday 2: Hazardous Waste

Welcome back to ‘Waste Wednesday’ – this weeks post will be covering the basics of defining hazardous waste and hazardous waste disposal. There is a whole world of information out there on the world wide web so we’ve attempted to take the best bits and break it down to a more digestible post. Environmental Permitting for Waste Waste recovery and disposal requires a permit under EU legislation with the main aim of preventing harm to human health and the environment. The legislation regarding this also allows member states to provide for exemptions from the need for a permit, providing general… Read more