Mid-Year Recycling Bin Picks [July 2017]

Mid-Year Recycling Bin Picks

Summer is hitting us hard in the West Midlands. We’ve entered the second part of the year [since July 2] but the temperatures don’t seem to be dropping! That’s bad news for your bins, with more unwelcome noxious smells filling our nostrils & interiors stained from simmering liquids and debris. The heat doesn’t help much with inspiring us to get up and empty our bins as often. The only tried and tested solution we could find was to divide and conquer, and by that we mean recycling.

Waste segregation is not only good for the planet [less waste dumped in landfills and more materials reused in manufacturing] but it also benefits our noses! Separating packaging from general & organic waste is a great way to keep track of what can stay in your kitchen bin or what needs to go immediately! Let’s say for example, you’ve got two bins, one for organic waste (animal or plant) and one for recycling materials (plastic, cardboard, glass). Suppose your recycling bin (which doesn’t smell as much and isn’t trapping any organic material) isn’t filling up nearly as fast as your general waste bin, it can stay in your kitchen until bin collection day. Whereas your general waste bin filling up faster would be emptied more regularly, to avoid odours and flies.

So, for this month’s blog post, we’ll be highlighting our top and most recent recycling bins!

Plastic Recycling Bin

Recycling Plastic Bins

Our assembled-in-3-steps, colourful open bins minimise the number of spills with its funnel lid design. We’ve made it so you can customise them to get the perfect recycling bin for YOU. A choice of two base colours in two capacities, and eight brightly-coloured lids! Mix and match recycling stickers and voila! A custom solution for the home or the office. If you’re looking for an assembled version, we recommend the new kid on the block instead!

Royale Slim Recycling Bin

Royale Slim Bins

The queen of space saving recycling solutions, these bins come in two classic stone-inspired finishes. Not only are they only 210mm wide, three of these bins could fit where a single bin would have otherwise been! Choose between round hole, square hole, or paper slot. An optional locked paper slot lid is available for confidential paper waste. It’s the tailored solution for the office or reception area.

Duro Pedal Waste Separation Bin

Duro Heavy Duty Bins

When it comes to heavy duty round bins, we’ve previously raved about Rubbermaid Brute containers before, and our latest addition takes it a step further! With colour-coded compartments, a pedal operated lid and a metal clamp lid lock to keep pests at bay. If you find your kitchen bin overflowing often and need a bigger bin, yet still want to recycle, we recommend this product!

Recycling Wheelie Bins

Recycling Wheelie Bins

Well, we are wheelie bins specialists after all! These bins on wheels are great for use indoor or outdoor, and their ergonomic design make them easy to manoeuvre, with their large rubber wheels & high handle. The lids are interchangeable and can be used for colour-coding waste. The lids can also be padlocked to the base for added measure. We recommend these to factories, warehouses and anyone looking for a strong recycling wheelie bin in their work area.

That’s it for our favourites this year so far! We hope you’ve enjoyed our July picks on our latest range of recycling bins. Don’t forget to keep your wheelie bins in the shade and to spray some bin freshener every now and then. For tips and tricks on how to maintain your wheelie bins this summer, read our previous blog post!

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