Litter Bins ‘Go Large’ at Sea Fronts

Blackpool beach

Beach Clean Up Operation

Lytham & St. Anne’s sea front have supersized their wheelie bins in hopes to encourage the public to dispose of their litter correctly. The local councils are constantly fighting the battle to reduce the amount of litter on the beach; as well as emptying the existing bins quick enough for the volume of people using them.

“Everyone has a responsibility to clean up after themselves, and we appreciate that in the height of the summer the bins fill up quicker then we can empty them”

The larger capacity bins will provide more space for litter although people must use them or take their litter home; to keep our beaches clean. The larger size bins have enhanced visibility in areas of high footfall, ensuring use at every opportunity.

Why is clean up so important?

These efforts come about after a young girl had to have emergency surgery after stepping on a discarded barbecue. The metal piece went pierced her skin and went all the way through to the tendons; additionally there was concern that she could lose her foot. Residents are appalled at the litter left by the beach users and hope the bins will encourage people to clean up after themselves, after all it’s a responsibility we all hold to keep our environments clean. Not only for the safety of others but also for the aesthetics of the environment.

Wheelie Bins

Coun David Eaves, chairman of Fylde Council’s operational management committee, Tracy Morrison, Fylde Council’s director of resources at and Steve Fletcher, customer support manager for Glasdon UK with an example of a new bigger bin on St Annes seafront

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