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Office Recycling: How to Reduce Waste and Recycle.

Recycling and waste reduction is the hot topic right now, as a result of the government announcing their restrictions on sales of plastic straws and cotton wool buds alongside the complete ban of plastic stirrers by 2020. In addition, businesses are starting looking at how they can help reduce their waste. But how can businesses help with the plastic problem in the workplace? Ultimately, by reducing waste and encouraging your office to recycle. Getting your office recycling and reducing waste isn’t as difficult as you may think! Steps to reduce office waste; Become Paperless. Becoming a paperless company means only… Read more

Commercial Kitchen Bins for a Better Workflow

Commercial Kitchen Bins

Kitchen bins are a seemingly small yet essential aspect of running a food business smoothly. Waste in the kitchen can accumulate faster than you think! Your daily produce delivery is in? Bin the packaging. Employees prepping ingredients for the day? Bin the peelings. Waiting staff sending plates back for dishwashing? Bin the scraps. The food industry creates waste at every step. Why is a waste management system important? Catering, food production, food preparation, retail, restaurants, pubs, cafes, or fast food shops. What do these businesses and venues have in common? They most likely all run a kitchen, and handle food… Read more

Wheelie Bins: Frequently Asked Questions

Wheelie Bin FAQ Featured

Wheelie bins, love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re here to stay (at least for a short while). In this blog post, we aim to answer your most frequently asked questions, as well as a few interesting facts about our two-wheeled wheelie bins. What are wheelie bins made of? Wheelie Bins are made of polyethylene, a robust plastic material that can withstand harsh elements such as acids, alkalis, fungi & bacteria. Polyethylene is also the perfect material for the British weather as it resists cracks, dents & bending. This is highly desirable during the windy seasons when wheelie bins are knocked… Read more

Underground Bins: The End for Wheelie Bins?

Underground Bins: The End for Wheelie Bins?

A new system for collecting waste & recycling is on the horizon, and Cambridge is the first one that has taken a step towards that future! The north-west Cambridge development decided to take on an ambitious project: 450 Underground Bins across 155 sites in Cambridge. The new project aims to serve residential homes for universities, commercial & community facilities. When completed in the next decade, this system will eliminate the need for 9000 wheelie bins in the district of Eddington alone. Could this mean this end of wheelie bins? Origins of the Wheelie Bin Wheelie Bins have been part of… Read more