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Wheelie Bins: Which one do you need?

Wheelie Bins are everywhere now and for good reason too. Over time, they have formed the colours of a rainbow to help identify what waste goes where. Sorting your rubbish into the correctly labelled / coloured bins pays huge dividends to the environment. Recycling may even come naturally to you now. If so, then a hint of anxiety may have crept in when you almost put that plastic bottle into the general waste bin? We’ve all been there. This means you’re doing great things for the environment. Strategic Colour Schemes There is one colour in particular which you most definitely… Read more

Waste management during Covid 19

At the moment it’s important we all take waste management during Covid 19 seriously as it helps with maintaining hygiene. Here at Direct2u we have put together a guide on which bins would be best for different environments. Therefore below are some examples to help with waste management during Covid 19. Wheelie Bins Wheelie Bins are a popular option for household waste, they can be used to dispose of gloves, masks and wipes. As well as other general waste. One of the key features with our wheelie bins is they are manufactured out of plastic. Therefore this means they are… Read more

Plastic: How it has Affected the Earth

How Plastic has Affected the Earth

Sales of plastic took off in 1950’s, due to the shortage of natural materials in the World War II. Plastics are in use in all sectors of industry, the largest usage being in packaging materials. Asia produces half of the worlds plastic with China producing 29% of those plastics. About Plastics … When plastic was first produced it had many positive uses including nylon parachutes and as a replacement to ivory. This was a great use of plastic which help to reduce the need for ivory hurting in turn helping to save many elephants. Yet, this changed when plastic manufacturing… Read more

Waste Separation – 2015 Waste Regulations

Waste Separation – 2015 Waste Regulations The 2015 waste regulation saw a change in how businesses have to separate and dispose of their waste. The implementation of the waste regulation was to improve the recycling quantity and quality with the UK, while also helping the environment. Businesses are now required to separate their waste into general waste and dry mixed recyclables (paper, plastic and glass). Ensuring all employees can access the serparated bins is key to encouraging staff members to get involved in recycling and separating their waste. 2015 Waste Regulations – The options: There are 3 options available to… Read more