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Global Recycling Day – Tips to Recycle!

Global recycling day- tips to recycle

What is Global Recycling Day? The Global Recycling Day began in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate the importance recycling plays in preserving our resources. To secure a greener future for the planet, we have looked into the top tips for recycling. The day is a reminder of the mission to tell world leaders that it is taken seriously, and to ask people across the globe to consider the planet as a resource we have to manage and nurture! You can get involved using the hashtag #RecyclingHeroes! Top Tips to Recycle like a pro! Segregate waste with colours🎨 Our wheelie… Read more

Can Wheelie Bin Storage help you?

can wheelie bin storage help you?

Firstly, what is wheelie bin storage? Wheelie bin sheds are a practical solution to disguise untidy council waste bins. What is the solution for these garden eyesores? Bin stores prevent unsightly coloured bins from being the centre point on your drive! We manufacture our wooden bin storage right here in the West Midlands, UK! So, rest assured they are made to last, built from the highest quality timber! The unique build contains a variety of recycling options, to keep all bins out of sight until collection day… But, its not all about looks! They provide a practical storage solution for… Read more

Need Parcel storage over Christmas?

50l wheelie bin storage for christmas parcels

A common problem this Christmas period.. Over this hectic Christmas period many may feel overwhelmed with the amount of Christmas shopping to do.. for the parcels to not show up! That’s why our 50L wheelie bin is the perfect solution! Moreover, a common problem is many deliveries and parcel companies will do collection or re-delivery if no one is in… Leaving you without your parcel. This can cause unnecessary hassle even with a ring-doorbell to ensure your parcels come in time for Christmas. More importantly, our wheelie bin solution means that no expensive parcels will be lost in the run… Read more

Gift Guide: 50 Litre Wheelie Bin for Christmas

50L wheelie bin for Christmas

Get Christmas all wrapped up with our best selling 50 Litre Wheelie Bin for Christmas! Seems an unusual gift for your little ones, Yet simple but effective for child’s play! Christmas with kids can be a very expensive time, especially when buying gifts only to be used once or twice. That’s why our wheelie bins are the perfect gift with multiple uses! Toy Storage 50 Litre wheelie bins make the ideal choice for toy storage containers. This is due to the practicality and ease. The bright colours are exciting for the child to instigate tidying up their toys, and can… Read more